Logan: A Film Review!!

14 Mar


Logan3  Logan2

Logan is the latest and last chapter in the Wolverine series about Mutant men, women and children put out by Marvel the comic book franchise now making movies based on their characters. Logan is the fierce, dark, brooding, battling wolf like character with extended blades that shoot out of his knuckles to do battle. He is a loner and has no memory how he got that way. Logan is played with intensity and powerful characterization by Hugh Jackman and is the favorite of X-Men fans. The  X-men  are a band of mutants with extraordinary powers headed by  Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who is a mutant himself with mental powers.

It is 2029, and most of mutantkind has died out. Logan/Wolverine (Jackman), now almost 200-years-old, lays low as a limo driver in El Paso, Texas. The adamantium with which his bones were laced is poisoning him from the inside out, and his powers are waning. Logan makes medicine runs for Charles Xavier/Professor X (Stewart), a now-senile nonagenarian who is cared for by the albino tracker Caliban (Merchant). Logan finds himself in danger upon encountering Laura Kinney/X-23 (Keen), a young girl who was cloned from him and bred as a super-soldier by the evil scientist Zander Rice (Grant). Rice sends the Reavers, a cybernetic mercenary army led by Donald Pierce (Holbrook), after Logan, Charles and Laura. The makeshift family unit must traverse the United States to make it to Eden, a fabled oasis for mutants in Canada.

Laura is a very troubled and brooding young mutant who has escaped with the help of a nurse from the laboratory that is cloning children without a conscience with super powers as potential future soldiers.  Laura has the same qualities as Logan with the extended blades since she was cloned from his DNA at the laboratory. The nurse turns Laura over to Logan with a video exposing the lab’s plans before she is killed off by the men from the laboratory who want to find Laura and get her back to control her.  Logan takes Laura reluctantly and the two continue on their search for the fable oasis called Eden for mutants supposedly in Canada. Laura is quite the fierce fighter herself and is capable of much damage herself when provoked. She and Logan eventually do bond. Meanwhile the lab has stopped with children and experimenting on humans and have one super villain with blades like Logan. There is quite a duel to the death between the two steel clawed mutants.

 One would argue that if any superhero deserved an R-rated movie of his own, it would be one with metal claws extending from his knuckles, and who frequently flies into a ‘berserker rage’. Make no bones about it: Logan is brutal. Dismemberments, impalements and arterial spray abound. Hugh Jackman has been playing Logan for 17 years now and feels its time to turn it in.

 Critics are calling Logan the best super hero movie around and I agree. They are impressed with the script: It’s gritty, violent, and balances the intense action sequences expected from a super hero movie with the quiet drama expected from a completely different one. Dafne keene is excellent as the brooding, but fierce 11 year old Laura that can really pack a wallop.  She’s an 11-year-old girl equipped with all the volatility, instability, mood swings, shadows and potential violence of Logan. Anyone would be brooding if you were this mutant created in a lab and not knowing how you got that way. Logan is well worth it the best yet. Be sure to check it out at  theater  near you. Check out these exciting trailers.

Logan (film) – Wikipedia

LOGAN Extended Red Band Trailer 2 (2017) – YouTube

Logan Official Trailer 1 (2017) – Hugh Jackman Movie – YouTube



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    March 14, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    based on this review sure sounds like a winner


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