Fast and Furious 8 : The Fate of the Furious!!!

19 Apr

Fastandfurious 8 cast




Fast and Furious 8 is the latest chapter in the lives of Dominick Torrento (Vin Diesel) his significant other now his wife Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and their under-cover black ops team headed by Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson as they battle evil doers who want to take over our country. Two more are scheduled to come out in 2019 and 2021

In this episode which is part of an ongoing story super villainess Cypher (Charlize Theron) in long braided blonde hair extensions is trying obtain nuclear codes from the Russian defense minister visiting this country in New York so she can have all the super powers tow the line with her in charge by threatening to set off a nuke in a major city. She manipulates Dom against his will to help her get them. She is truly evil to the core.

As with all the Fast and Furious movies the stunts are way, way, way over the top and you have to check all plausibility at the door when you see them which makes it so much fun. This one features such stunts as Charlize Theron hacking into computerized cars and causing them to go driverless falling out of multi floored parking garages raining down on everyone in the street, out of showroom windows and taking control of all cars that contain computer parts in the streets causing them to go crashing into one another all in an attempt to get the nuclear codes from the defense minister trapped in his limo. It truly gives you second thoughts about getting a driverless car or car with computer parts controlling it.

There is another fantastic chase with the team battling Russians on ice in Russia using their super cars with firepower and assorted tanks. The stunts are truly unbelievable and I often wonder who thinks of these things?  Just  when you say how can they top this they always manage to do so in the next movie. In this movie as in all of them there is the assorted macho back and forth humor between team members to relieve the tension as it continues on. There is also a hilarious and great scene with Jason Stathem fighting off bad guys kicking them, punching them and shooting them all while carrying a baby in a carrier and making funny comments to the baby in between shots. He puts earphones on the baby playing chipmunk songs so the baby doesn’t hear all the guns firing. At one point he turns the baby around saying “You don’t want to see this” as he continues shooting bad guys coming at him. It’s all in fun and works. Like I said action sequences way, way, way over the top, but fun.

I didn’t start watching this franchise until about the third or fourth movie and have been hooked ever since. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez are so excellent and easily identifiable and you really feel for them. Since this contains recurring characters and story line from the previous ones I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have seen the last two, otherwise I say go see it. It so far has set a record of 500 million dollars world- wide.  Check out this exciting trailer and other trailers from the movie on the same page and you will see what I mean. fast and Furious 8 – AOL Video Search Results

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