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Who Killed Seth Rich??



clinton-body-count-800x416.png (800×416)For those of you not familiar with Seth Rich,Seth was a 27 year old DNC staffer who was a Bernie Supporter. He got wise to the Shenanigans of the Hillary camp to rob the nomination from Bernie so she would get it. Seth sent at least 20-40,000 e-mails with 13,000 attachments to wikileaks.  A few weeks before the election he was walking home from his girlfriend’s apartment at 4 a.m. in  a nice section of Washington D.C. when he was shot in the back twice and killed. His wallet was not taken, his expensive gold watch was not taken,his cell phone was not taken and his gold necklace was not taken. The police defined it as a botched robbery, though evidence suspected otherwise. There is supposedly a tape showing two men doing it. if so where is that tape?

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is pushing invalidated, unsubstantiated and crazy conspiratorial stories about President Trump colluding with Russia to win last year’s election.   But liberal media won’t touch the story about former DNC staffer Seth Rich being gunned down in Washington DC last year.

Democrats and their media continue to push the false tale that Trump worked with Russia to steal the 2016 Presidential election.  This lie is being promoted on all media outlets as a matter of fact even though there is no evidence to support the accusation.  Democrats and the MSM have argued that Trump somehow supplied DNC emails to WikiLeaks that impacted the election and gave the victory to Trump.  This is of course is false on all levels. For example, DNC emails were released by WikiLeaks before the election but for the most part the MSM ignored them.  Also, the emails did contain information that showed unethical, if not criminal, actions by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton before the campaign, but there is no information to date that proves that the emails released were in any way false or made up.

In one of his e-mails sent out Podesta said “the leaker must be made an example of.” The Wiki Leaks e-mails revealed that John Podesta and Robbie Mook concocted the Russia/Trump story before the election and released it within 24 hours of Hillary losing.

In a groundbreaking report, it was discovered that Donna Brazile, former DNC Chairwoman and high-ranking DNC rep, tried to put an end into the Seth Rich investigations. Ms. Brazile allegedly called the private investigator handling the case, accused him of “snooping” and demanded to know why the investigation was still going on.

“The high-ranking DNC official that called the police after I inquired about Rich’s case was Donna Brazile,” veteran homicide detective Rod Wheeler told WND. “Why shouldn’t I reveal who it was?”

A spokesman for the Rich family has repeatedly criticized detective Wheeler, who was hired by Rich’s family in March to find the DNC staffer’s murderer, for not ruling out the possibility that Rich may have leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks. The Rich family recently sent Wheeler a “cease and desist” order to stop his investigation into the murder.EXPLOSIVE REVELATION: HIGH-RANKING DNC REP ATTEMPTED TO STOP DETECTIVE INVESTI

The acting spokesperson for the family of the late DNC staffer and suspected WikiLeaks source Seth Rich is a man named Brad Bauman who happens to be directly connected to Media Matters founder and George Soros-backed propagandist David Brock.

Disobedient Media has previously reported that Brock and his affiliated organizations have ties to the Chinese government, foreign special interests and organized crime. Brock’s ties to foreign interests may mean that he is in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, 22 U.S.C. § 614.

Brock’s organizations have been active in harassing and attacking journalists looking into the Seth Rich story. Affiliates of Brock have taken to to attack companies advertising with Fox 5 DC. The boycott campaign is organized by Karl Frisch, a former senior fellow at propaganda group Media Matters for America who spent his time at the organization helping develop “long-term strategy to target Fox News as a political actor.” Media Matters has also targeted Fox News anchor Sean Hannity for discussing the case.

In August Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Julian Assange also suggested in August that Seth Rich was a Wikileaks informant.

Radio and TV Talk show host Sean Hannity was hot on the trail of the Seth Rich murder when he was suddenly contacted by Seth’s brother and told to quit talking about his brother because it was very hurtful to the family. Why wouldn’t they want their son’s murder caught and exposed?  Sounds like they were pressured to stop him by higher ups.

Now one of the sons of Rupert Murdoch, the executive chair of Fox News, reportedly pressured Sean Hannity to drop coverage of the Seth Rich investigation.
Following Sean Hannity’s embarrassing buckling on coverage of the Seth Rich case, sources at Fox News told Big League Politics that he was pressured to relent by one of the Murdoch’s sons, “One of the Murdoch sons was all up his ass over this,” another insider told Big League Politics.

While his statements on the show indicated that he was cowering to Media Matters, who had called for a boycott of his advertisers — it seems that one of Murdoch’s sons was actually behind it.

During a broadcast of his show Tuesday night, Hannity said that he had spoken with the family of Seth Rich earlier in the day, and that “out of respect for the family’s wishes, for now, I am not discussing this matter at this time.”

After the show aired however, he claimed he was inching ever closer to “the truth” behind the DNC staffer’s murder, something he would not stop trying to attain.. Report: Murdoch Son Silenced Sean Hannity on Seth Rich Story

The fake news msm can report on fake Russian ties with NO evidence, but Hannity can’t report on a mysterious death tied to the evidence that was given to wikileaks??? Sounds like a cover-up of the highest order to stop the messenger to me.

Actually Seth was one of five people who died in six weeks connected to Hillary in some way. The others were:

  • Victor Thorn, a 54 year old Clinton researcher who wrote several books on Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults and drug running through Mena, Arkansas. He was found dead from a gunshot wound on a mountain top near his home. He once said, “if anyone tells you I committed suicide, don’t believe them. I would never commit suicide.”
  • The very next day Shawn Lucas, a prominent lawyer who delivered a subpoena to Debbie Wasserman Shultz in a class action lawsuit on the primaries being rigged against Sanders was found dead on his bathroom floor faced down. Medical examiners tried to say it was a heart attack, but his girlfriend said he was in perfect health.
  • Joe Montano a Filipino American and aide to Sen.Tim Kaine died at age 47 of a heart attack a week before the democrat convention and right before the wikileaks e-mails came out. What did he know if anything?
  • United Nations official John Ash died when a barbell fell on his neck right before he was to testify against Hillary in a bribery scandal and was connected to a Chinese official who was being tried on smuggling in millions of dollars to here. He had been previously connected to Bill and Hillary in the Chinagate scandal when Bill was president. Ash’s death was first ruled a heart attack, but later changed to a barbell accident just like in the plot of a Columbo episode. Clinton Body Count +5 in Just 6 Weeks – YouTube

 These deaths all happened within six weeks of each other all before the dem convention and around the time of the wiki-leaks release. More recently the heavyset black doctor many people saw next to Hillary all the time died right before he was to testify before Trey Gowdy’s committee. He was 35 and the cause of death was a heart attack. Are all these deaths coincidences?

This is why the FBI, Congress, and the media are pushing the Fake Trump/Russia story so hard so they don’t have to investigate all these deaths which they know most likely leads to Hillary and maybe even Obama. Americans need to know the truth about who ordered the death of Seth Rich because it may be one of the worst politically motivated crimes in the history of our nation. 

It has to be investigated and all the persons involved in the cover-up revealed. It is all exposed in a Wikileaks but the left is working on the art of distracting to keep them all out of prison. The media is bought and paid for by the left,

I recently saw these two comments which make sense.

 nonametoday  The Raven • 

Poor old Anthony Wiener is probably going to be off’ed in prison before anything else happens. You know he is a patsy for them. He will be killed and it will be said it was for sexual perversion or they hated him because he is a pedophile. But the truth will be that he was about to make a deal with Sessions.

Seth Rich’s parents, who are loyal democrat  extremists, are working overtime to shut down all discussions, all investigations and all facts about Seth’s murder because they all lead to one culprit who has a LONG HISTORY of eliminating/rubbing-out her problems: CROOKED HILLARY. Sure seems to me like they don’t really want their son’s murder solved.

 Texas Republican congressman Blake Farenthold recently said, “My fear is our constant focusing on the Russians is deflecting away for some other things that we need to be investigating. There’s still some question as to whether the intrusion of the DNC server was an insider job or whether or not it was the Russians. There’s stuff circulating on the internet,” Congressman says Feds Need to Investigate Seth Rich Murder | iPatriot

Clinton Body Count or Left-Wing Conspiracy? Three With Ties to DNC Mysteriousl

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A Tale of Two Presidents!!

Trump-v-Obama.png (400×300)

 This is a tale of two presidents as the title states. One who is timid, weak, apologetic and appeasing as was Barack  Obama and the other who is strong and understands the threat of evil that exists in our time as does Donald Trump.

When Obama left the presidency he left the country in a total mess and worse off than when he entered.  We are now 20 trillion in debt and it was nine trillion when he entered. He criticized Bush for increasing it from 5 trillion to nine trillion and called him unpatriotic then added 10 trillion himself.  We have 95 million people out of the work force, 50 million people on welfare, 45 million people on food stamps, racial unrest, housing starts at a 50 year low and all these individual groups demanding special rights.

On an international level Obama displayed weakness for eight years. He rolled over and appeased terrorists every time calling acts like Fort Hood and San Bernadino “workplace violence” and the Boston bombers and Orlando nightclub shooter “isolated incidents.” He appeased terror countries every time and drew lines in the sand. Every time they crossed that line he drew another one. He went on an Apology tour apologizing for America all over the world, had the Muslim Brotherhood in the white house and gave Iran, the No.1 state sponsor of terrorism, 150 billion dollars in the hopes they would modernize and gave them an additional 1.7 million for the release of the hostages. Iran is now making nukes that can destroy us and Isreal with that money. I always  secretly thought he was siding with and sympathizing with them and was their man for over here incognito.

Enter Donald trump. A man hated by the liberal media and all libs in general who are making up all kinds of tin foil hat fake news stories about him. He is one of the most successful business men in the world today and for decades now people have been clamoring for a businessman to run the country. Sure he is new at being president and has a lot to learn, but he has displayed a bravado and toughness that is setting everyone and the world on notice that there is a new sheriff in town.  Obama was just a community organizer who was a senator for a year who just voted “present” before he became president.

Trump’s current trip to the Middle East and Europe is becoming a huge success and people are hailing him better than Obama. His critics here are even saying he was presidential over there and countries received him better than Obama. His recent speech before 50 Arab nation leaders was nothing short of bravery when he tried to bring them together to counter terrorism. It was the most powerful language an American president has ever said.  He said, “This is a battle between good and evil. Terrorism does not worship God, they worship death. Drive them out of your community, drive them out of your places of worship, drive them out of your country, Drive  them out!!! Drive them out!! Drive them out!!”

He called terrorists “evil losers” and said he didn’t call them monsters because they would like that name.

In a pointed departure from his predecessor, Trump all but promised he would not meddle in the affairs of Mideast rulers — and asked instead that they focus their effort on extinguishing Islamic terror from the world.

“We are not here to lecture — we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be, or how to worship,” Trump said, speaking in an ornate room in the Saudi capital. “Instead, we are here to offer partnership — based on shared interests and values — to pursue a better future for us all.”

In his Saudi speech, Trump showed the world what a real leader is, and openly condemned “Islamic extremism,” ″Islamists,” and “Islamic terror” while speaking directly to Islamic leaders from around the world. The king has lavished praise and all the trappings of a royal welcome on the new American president, welcoming in particular Trump’s pledge to be tougher on Iran than Obama was. : Trump accused Iran of “destruction and chaos” and the king said its rival “has been the spearhead of global terrorism. [Must see] The internet BLEW UP over Trump’s speech Sunday – The Horn News

This is a man who gets it. He understands evil exists in our time (the recent bombing in Manchester is a perfect example of that) and must be defeated. Leadership is back!!!

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Trump’s Trip to the Middle East-Phenomenal!!!


trump and melania i nIsreal


Trump’s first trip to the Middle East has proven to be a true  phenomena in all the right places and the drive by media is besides themselves with their knickers in a twit. “How can this be?” they are saying after portraying him as a stumbling, misguided, boob here and now the world loves him. Saudi Arabia greeted him and gave him a reception like no other president ever got. Not both Bushes, not the Clintons and not Obama. Gorgeous Ivanka and Melania Trump are praised by the Arab press as: ‘Classy, conservative and elegant.’ Despite the mainstream media narrative that President Trump has alienated our Muslim allies with his tough stance on Islamic terrorism, he was treated like a king all around Riyadh, where photos of Trump and the American flag were prominently displayed.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel projected a stunning five-story portrait of Trump on the side of its building. They gave Trump their highest civilian award that I understand Obama is jealous of now because he felt he should have gotten it. The Saudi’s had a great fear of Iran and Trump stood by them and said they should not let Iran or Islamic extremists interfere with their places of worship or their daily lives and they are to be wiped off the face of the earth.

The radical hate Trump media always picking on the slightest thing Trump does said he didn’t use the words “Radical Islamic Terrorism” in his speech that he said on the campaign. Well he mentioned “Islamic extremism” which is virtually the same thing.

During his visit there President Trump signed a multi-billion-dollar arms and economic deal with Saudi Arabia Saturday in a move intended to strengthen the U.S.-Saudi Arabian alliance against ISIS on the president’s first foreign trip.

The agreement is worth $110 billion effective immediately and $350 billion over 10 years, in an effort to equip Saudi Arabia and Persian Gulf partners in the fight against ISIS. The agreement will provide fighter jets, tanks, combat ships and anti-missile defense systems and create defense-sector jobs in the U.S., according to the White House. The deal includes additional private-sector agreements and a joint vision statement with Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil producers.

 I just hope this doesn’t backfire on us since Saudi Arabia has been known to be a state sponsor of terrorism and the 9/11 hijackers were all from there.

President Donald Trump used his platform while visiting Saudi Arabia to make it clear that Muslim-majority countries have an obligation to fight against Islamic extremism too.

The fight against extremism, he added, was not a battle between different faiths: “This is a battle between good and evil”.

“A better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists, and drive out the extremists”.

But, he added, the countries could not wait for “American power” to act, and had to “fulfill their part of the burden.”

Behind the lavish praise heaped on his hosts, President Trump used this speech to deliver a tough message to Arab and Muslim governments: deal with the ideology that fuels terrorism now or live with it for generations to come.

He went out of his way to avoid the sort of inflammatory language he’s more usually known for. His repeated condemnation of Saudi Arabia’s regional rival Iran will have pleased the Gulf Arab leaders listening.
Unlike his predecessor, Barack Obama, this US president made no mention of human rights or democracy. But he did condemn the oppression of women.
BREAKING: Trump STUNS The Muslim World With 8 Words [VIDEO]

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have pledged a combined $100 millionto the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Fund, a campaign that is the brainchild of Ivanka Trump.

The pledge comes during President Trump’s first foreign trip, signaling the president’s eldest daughter may have been instrumental in securing this significant contribution.

The World Bank announced the donation at an event on Sunday, the Wall Street Journal reports. The goal of the Ivanka-inspired fund is to help female entrepreneurs start their own businesses. The fund is aimed at women in the Middle East to start their own business. Naturally  the destroy Trump media is trying to compare it to the Clinton foundation which it is not. it is not a pay for play money laundering scheme like the Clinton Foundation was and none of the money is going to the Trumps like it did with the Clintons. The fund itself is new. We first heard about it from the presidential assistant during the Women 20 summit in Berlin, when Ivanka Trump called for a worldwide investment in women. Saudi Arabia, UAE pledge $100 million to Ivanka Trump-backed women’s fund – AO

In Isreal Trump was given another rousing welcome. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people were absolutely giddy to see the new US president land in Tel Aviv after eight dark years under Obama.

President Donald Trump took a direct flight on Monday from Riyadh to Tel Aviv, Israel. The flight from Riyadh to Tel Aviv on Monday was believed to be the first direct flight between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

After President Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu exchanged greetings Sara Netanyahu took Melania Trump aside and gave her a pep talk on the tarmac.

Sara Netanyahu:  “I talk every place about her, how great she is. And how great you are. I can testify to that. Because a majority of the people in Israel, unlike the media, they love us. So we tell them how you are great so they love you. We have very much in common. We’ll talk about it over dinner.” AWESOME! Israeli First Lady Gives Melania Trump a Pep Talk on Tarmac: “Like Yo

Mrs. Netanyahu is right, the MSM has become the enemy of the people. They are the driving force behind the constant assault on Trump. It’s one fake story after another all designed to bring down the POTUS. No integrity or honesty or even common decency, just blind hatred for our President. Dishonest, lying and extremely biased “journalists” are literally trying to replace the electorate and decide who our president is. They are so attached to Obama that they are determined to preserve his legacy. That’s what all this attack on Trump is about. I applaud President Trump and the First Lady for having the backbone & patriotism to stand up to these horrendous, fake, and illegitimate attacks on them by the Media, DNC and GOP.

 I agree with this comment I saw:.

PalmettoTree • 5 hours agoSo glad there is class back in the US White House again. I’m proud to stand w/ Israel- and ashamed of the past 8 years that we has a president who favored the Muslim Brotherhood-and tried to defeat Bebe. Thank God we have Trump. And hopefully the Seth Rich case will lead to jail for Hillary and Obama.

  • Trump arrived in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon to meet Israel’s president and prime minister after a two-day triumph in Saudi Arabia 
  • On Tuesday he will meet Palestinian Authority President Abbas in Bethlehem
  • Trump has called Middle East peace ‘the ultimate deal’ and is using his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s expertise and Orthodox Jewish connections to work on it
  • Trump has worried Israelis, however, with the softening of his enthusiasm for settlement building in the West Bank
  • And he is keen to sell arms to Muslim nations including the Saudis, already racking up more than $100 billion in orders this weekend
  • Trump said Iran’s nuclear saber rattling has  brought ‘a different feeling toward Israel’ from some countries that have been cool to the Jewish state
  • ‘There’s a great feeling for peace throughout the Middle East,’ he said; ‘People have just had enough. They’ve had enough of the bloodshed and the killing’
  • Trump became the first sitting president to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem
     Egyptian president says Trump ‘capable of doing impossible’

Melania and Ivanka Trump focus on new freedoms for women in 

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The Evil Establishment Plot to Get Rid of Trump!!!

fake news scandal

Trump and Comey

Paranoia strikes deep. Into your heart it will creep. Starts when you’re always afraid. Step out of line they’ll come and take you away! Buffalo Springfield, “For What it’s Worth”- 1968!!!

Sean Hannity said on his nightly TV show Trump is up against five movements who want him out. They are: The media, the democrats, the deep state, republicans and Never Trumpers. He urged people not to panic and do everything they can to defeat these people and support Trump. These people are the establishment who wanted Hillary in and wanted things just the way they are. It amazes me how some people can be so stupid that they believe she would have made a good President. Also she took millions of other countries’ money… Look what it got her. She would have made this a Muslim country in no time at all since she planned to bring in a million more Muslims and do away with our borders. Some people are just plain ignorant. Stupid is as Stupid does. The republicans opposing him wanted Bush in there. He would never have won. They are all hypocrits galore and pure evil. Trump is a good man with a big heart and these people who are so upset Hillary didn’t get in are doing everything to destroy him including making things up about him out of thin air and the Trump hating media goes along for the ride,

Trump is a good President for the people and has proven it with the things he has done so far like creating  500,000 new jobs by deregulating Obama’s regulations, meeting with the CEO’s of 40 companies all at once and convincing them build factories over here instead of overseas, cutting the debt by 4 billion dollars, the Dakota pipeline is nearly finished, the wall is started and it is a steel wall not brick and morter, appointing a constitutionalist conservative to the supreme court, killed TPP after 8 years of inaction which would send jobs overseas. A few other highlights are his $100 million donation to Flint, MI — where the water contamination crisis has been occurring — his stunning $182 billion budget surplus in April, and the unemployment hitting a shocking low of 4.4 percent, but the Trump hating media would never report any of this. Shocking List Shows Everything Trump Has Accomplished In Just 4 MONTHS

Trump MUST fire everyone that is a holdover from Obama’s administration right down to the janitors because NONE can be trusted. Then he needs to come out and tell the people the names of ALL the establishment people and remind the people that these people have been in office too long and only like power and money. McCain Graham, Ryan, McConnell to name just a few.

Mueller is Comey’s friend. Do you think he will pursue the notes on the Hillary cover up? Or charge Comey for lying to Congress under oath? This is all part of the plan to rid them of Trump.

This is all about their own power and money and preserving Obama’s legacy. Trump represents a threat to them so he must go. The liberal democrats have been hoping they could find a way to impeach PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, and they will stop at nothing, to create a scandal where none exist.

Obama did a lot worse and they ignored it. This is all about revenge, and they don’t care if they destroy the country, as long as they can exact their revenge. The country and her people be damned.  While Pence is a good man and I like him immensely, the establishment would prefer to see him in there because he can be controlled.

Now they are trying to get Trump on sharing classified information with Russia.  One, it shows you that President Trump has a serious problem on his hands, and it doesn’t have anything to do with his campaign’s connections to Russia. Rather, it is the problem he’s been struggling with from the first day of his presidency: His White House – and the greater administration as a whole – continues to leak like a colander. Every day, one of his trusted staffers is running to the Washington Post or the New York Times, trying to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the opposition party, i.e., the mainstream media. The former head of the FBI refused to take these leaks seriously; hopefully Comey’s successor will.

Two, it proves once again that the Democrats are desperate to keep Donald Trump from possessing and exercising the full powers of the presidency. The president of the United States is fully within his legal rights to de-classify and share any information he so chooses, if he believes it’s in the best interests of our national security.  Just as he has the authority to limit travel from terrorist havens in the Middle East. Just as he has the power to withhold federal grant money from cities that don’t cooperate with immigration law. But Democrats and their like-minded judges HATE that he has these powers, and they’re doing everything they can to steal them away before Trump can decimate Obama’s agenda once and for all.

Well, like Stephen Bannon said, it’s not going to be easy to take our country back.

Russian Leaks and the Plot to Remove Donald Trump From Office

In an interview with New York radio host John Catsimatidis, Republican Rep. Peter King said that Americans running themselves silly over connections between the Trump campaign and Putin should take a look at how deeply his 2016 opponent was entrenched in Russian interests.

“There is probably more evidence of links between Russia and the Clinton campaign than anyone even could imagine between Russia and people involved in the Trump campaign,” said King.

The lawmaker told Catsimatidis that he had not seen “any evidence whatsoever of any collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials.

As for the connections between Clinton and the Russians, the public record is already replete with troubling examples of the would-be first female president enriching herself at the expense of America’s security. In particular, America’s energy future.

In her time as Secretary of State, Hillary signed off on a deal that allowed the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, to purchase a Canadian company whose uranium-mining operation extended into U.S. territory. The deal catapulted the Russians to the global forefront of uranium production and made President Vladimir Putin one of the most powerful uranium suppliers in the world. Yet they don’t dare go after Hillary. She’s their Queen who should be president and Trump is a usurper in their eyes. If Anyone Colluded With the Russians, it Was Hillary Clinton

I agree with the following comments I saw:

DE Navarro ·

Sr Analyst / Tech Editor/Writer at Century City

The deep state and establishment is trying to STEAL Trump from us, We the People, who voted him in to office to bust them up and drain the swamp.

They have relentlessly attacked him and made up stuff about him that is entirely false.

We will lose our President if we do not stand up TODAY.

Send your Congressional representatives (House and Senate) messages, emails, notes, phone calls, whatever, to tell them to DEFEND Trump from all the insidious and false attacks. Or if they choose not to defend him to at least LEAVE HIM ALONE so he can actually govern and do his job.

 Melody Reed

YES….I absolutely support Trump! I am so disgusted with the Democrats whining, complaining and trying to place blame on Tump for anything and everything! He won the Presidential election! I don’t care if you like it or not….,HE IS OUR PRESIDENT! Enough people had faith in him….and were so totally disgusted with the last 8 years …. that he WAS ELECTED!! Get over it. He is not a career politician….so he has a lot to learn. But that is one of the reasons why we elected him. The American people are fed up with career politicians. Why do you think we want term limits?


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The Double Standard of the Left-Attack,Russia and Fake News!!!


fake news scandal

The Liberals still can’t get over that they lost and that an outsider has come in and is upsetting things that they will do anything to destroy him!!—Rush Limbaugh  5/13/17

Rush is so right. As I stated in my previous blog the libs have nothing to offer the people to vote for them and all they have is to attack, attack, attack. Their main attack is using Russia. Hillary’s campaign manager John Podesta and Robbie Mook came up with idea of using Russia to attack Trump 24 hours after Hillary lost. The argument is that Trump colluded with Russia to fix the election when there was no proof any of that happened. They just made it up out of thin air hoping people would believe it and the Trump hating media went along for the ride.

Meanwhile Podesta received millions of dollars from Russia for his company and his brother is an unregistered agent for Russia through a Russian bank. Hillary sold and signed off on the Uranium One company to Russia for 145 million dollars. Russia deals with Iran and can sell that uranium to them so they can make nukes to use against us and Isreal. Talk about collusion, but Trump is the bad guy.

The latest accusation is that Trump gave classified information to Russia when he met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a meeting last week.

The White House called it “false,” though on Tuesday morning, President Trumptweeted that he had the “absolute right” to share information with Russia about “terrorism and airline safety.”

How much classified information do you think we share with Israel? How much classified information do you think Obama shared with Iran as a means to secure his terrible deal? How much classified information do you think has been regularly shared over the centuries between American presidents and foreign leaders? This is how the business of geo-politics is done.

Before I even get to the fact that it never happened, so what if it did? By the power of his office, which was given to him through our democratic process, Trump enjoys the discretion to tell anyone anything he wants. Moreover, the context around yesterday’s Another-Another-Watergate involves a war, our war with ISIS, and Trump’s desire to make an ally of Russia.

Meanwhile Hillary had an illegal server with classified information on it and five countries hacked into it and stole our secrets, but Hillary is their Queen and can do no harm and Trump is the bad guy here.

When Trump fired Comey because he was incompetent, the left jumped on him and said it was because Comey was getting close to convicting Trump of collusion with Russia to fix the election.  They compared him to Nixon with Watergate and they accused him of obstruction of justice which was not true and they had no proof. Meanwhile Hillary ordered 13 subpoenaed  computers destroyed during her investigation and she deleted 20,000 subpoenaed e-mails which was a clear case of obstruction of justice, but again she gets away whent here was proof and Trump is the bad guy when there is no proof.

Nobody is safe from the Destroy Trump media. They attack his family, his kids, even ten year old Barron and now Kelly Ann Conway. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski reported that kelly Ann secretly loathes working for Trump. Again they have no proof, just innuendo. Kelly Ann responded to her attackers on twitter saying that  “when sentiments are attributed to me that are not true, it is necessary to respond.”

“The notion that I am serving for ‘the money’ or a ‘paycheck’ is absurd,” Conway wrote. “As a campaign manager I made a fraction of what other consultants have made on unsuccessful presidential campaigns. Then I walked away from dozens of opportunities for millions of dollars, and instead walked into the White House. I would do it again.”

“It is a privilege,” she wrote, “to assist President Trump in the White House, just as it was during the campaign.”

There was a time when the evening news was accurate and informative, but not anymore. Instead of reporting the news they create the news. Such a pity!!! As Bill O’Reilly recently said, “Why would you take anything that’s printed in the media seriously? Why would you believe it?”


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Chasing Windmills-The Totally Fake Russian/Trump Collusion Story!!!

Trump and Comey

fake news scandal



“This has got to be the longest election hangover in history”—Greg Gutfeld on the Five

For the past six months now the media has been like Don Quixote chasing windmills and fabricating a fantasy hoax involving Trump and the Russians wasting taxpayer’s money. The biased left wing media and democrats still can’t get over they lost the house, the senate, the presidency and over 1000 seats nationwide. They don’t have any solutions, they don’t have any answers and nothing to offer the people so they came up with the Russia hacking story when there is no proof whatsoever. Even former NIA head James Clapper and Sally Yates said there was no collusion.

Now a new book by Clinton insiders, ‘Shattered‘ reveals that the Clinton camp (primarily Podesta and Mook) devised a two-pronged plan pushing the press to cover the ‘Russian hacking’ story within 24 hours of Hillary’s crushing election loss.

The fake news media has been battering the Trump administration over the Russia hoax for several months now with ZERO evidence of any collusion. Furthermore, taxpayer money and resources have been wasted on this ongoing investigation.

The real scandal is the unmasking of Trump and his private associates by the Obama administration and this Russia hoax provides a smokescreen for it while simultaneously working to delegitimize President Trump. The Democrats were anticipating a Clinton victory so they are doing everything they can to cover their crime spree during the Obama years.

 In the NBC interview with Lester Holt, Trump said he’d already reached the conclusion that “this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.”

“The Fake Media is working overtime today!” Trump tweeted Friday

Again, the story that there was collusion between the Russians & Trump campaign was fabricated by Dems as an excuse for losing the election.”

 Meanwhile John Podesta’s company was paid 35 million dollars by the Russians and his brother is a paid Russian agent having received one million dollars from them. RAMPANT CORRUPTION: Podesta Company Paid One Billion Rubles from Russian Govt.

Democratic super lobbyist Tony Podesta failed to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) when he agreed to represent Sberbank, Russia’s largest bank. Sberbank allegedly has close ties to Russia’s intelligence services. John Podesta’s Brother Lobbies for Russian Bank, Fails to Register as Foreign

It is no wonder they were quick to manufacture this fake Russian collusion story with Trump to cover up from their own transgressions with the Russians. Naturally the media in their vast hatred for Trump went along with the story without checking anything so it is blown way out of proportion now and the democrats believing them and seeing a chance to get rid of Trump went along for the ride. When I was in journalism I was always taught to get the facts before writing anything and to get both sides. I guess that rule doesn’t hold true anymore in today’s biased left wing hate Trump media. Just remember, when democrats have “dealings” with Russians they call it GLOBALISM so they do it all the time, but if conservatives do the same they call it treason. Hypocrites galore!!

Now with Trump firing Comey as he should have been long ago, this gives the left another spring board to attack Trump. All the democrats who now support Comey wanted him fired back in December. Now that Trump carried out their wishes and fired him they all support him now. More hypocrisy on their part.

Trump said he fired Comey because he wasn’t doing a good job. That is why you fire someone in any company.  Comey was fired because he was incompetent and failed. He failed to execute the laws of the country and follow equal justice under the law. He had two sets of rules, one for Bill and Hillary and one for the rest of us. He was told about the Boston bombers ahead of time and didn’t keep an eye on them so he blew that. He and the FBI were told to watch the guy who shot up the Orlando nightclub and he didn’t so he blew that case. Trump asked Comey in the beginning when he became president to take a loyalty oath which one should when serving the president of the United States and Comey refused saying he would serve honestly. President Donald Trump demanded loyalty from James Comey over dinner in January – but the former FBI director, whom Trump fired Tuesday, only promised “that he would be honest with him always,” according to news reports Thursday.

But Trump pushed Comey on whether it would be “honest loyalty,” The New York Times reported. Report: Trump Demanded Comey’s Loyalty Before Firing

 Trump recently said he wanted to fire Comey from the beginning and he should have, but he wanted to give him a chance to prove himself in his administration. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Comey listed all the crimes Hilary was guilty of and then failed to indict her.

There are15 criminal acts she is guilty of. According to former U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani there are 15 statutes Hillary is guilty of.  They are:

1) Bribery

2)  acts effecting a personal financial interest

3)  conspiracy

4)  false statements

5)  fraud and swindle (mail fraud)

6)  fraud by wire

7)  attempt and consent to commit fraud

8)  obstruction of justice

9)  Destruction (altering or falsifying of records in a federal investigation)

10)  perjury

11)  Disclosure of confidential information

12)   unauthorized removal and retention of classified documents

13)   concealment (removal or mutilation of government records

14)  attempt to evade or defeat a tax ( use of Clinton Foundation funds for personal or political purposes)

15)  attempt to interfere with administration of internal revenue laws

Plus she allowed five foreign countries to hack into her server and steal our secrets and sold 20% of our uranium to Russia. Russia deals with Iran and they would like to have that uranium to make nukes to use against us and Isreal.

And they talk about a Trump/Russian connection? That’s all a big distraction to disguise their own illegalities with Russia and blame Trump.  There are people serving lengthy prison sentences today for just committing one of those acts and she committed15. Comey gave her a pass on all of them.

I believe the reason all these dems are against Trump firing Comey today is because they are afraid Trump will get someone tough in there who will indict her. That’s why they didn’t care if Hillary fired him because she would still be safe. Oh what a tangled web they weave when trying to deceive.



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The Left’s Agenda Against Trump!!!Tempest In A Teapot!!!

File photo of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appearing at a campaign roundtable event in Manchester


Trump and Comey

Tell a lie big enough and often enough and eventually everyone will believe it.—Mark Twain.

The above quote is so true especially with today’s left wing democrat party. They don’t have any solutions for anything, don’t have any ideas for the country and lost everything, the house, the senate and presidency and over 1000 seats nationwide so they have to find something to lean on and believe in. The Russian collusion story is what they chose. Even Hillary is blaming everyone and everything, but herself for losing the election. She blames Comey, she blames FOX News, she blames wiki-leaks, she blames misogyny. Now she’s blaming the media when 90% of them all supported her and were in her back pocket. Surely it’s impossible that it’s her.

These dems and media types are all living in their fantasy world of a Russian-Trump collusion when the dems and Obama had bigger connections to Russia than Trump does even though NIA head James Clapper, Sally Yates, Diane Feinstein and others have said there was no proof of any collusion. There is no “there” “there. It is like Don Quixote chasing windmills.

You people that voted for Donald Trump, you’re just every day seeing why you did it. I have a message for the Republicans: The last thing you should do is find anything in common with the Democrats on this. The last thing you should do is feel sorry, simpatico. Do not fall for the temptation to join the Democrats in their rants against Trump on this. Here’s the deal, folks. There is no collusion. The Russians did not hack, did not tamper, did not impact the outcome of our election. It’s been established for over nine months, if not longer.
It’s not possible. There is not a single person anywhere in law enforcement, in Congress — there’s nobody officially anywhere — who can show you a syllable of evidence that whatever the Russians did had anything to do with the outcome of the election. There is nothing. And yet, it’s the only thing the Democrats have. They dare not let go of it. It’s the only explanation they have for why Hillary Clinton lost the election.My Message to Republicans: Don’t Fall for Media Tricks on Comey | The Rush Lim


 They are so unhinged that they lost the house, lost the senate and lost the presidency and lost over 1000 seats nationwide and the fact that their gal Hillary isn’t in there that they have become completely unhinged at the seams. The other night on The Five on Fox Greg Gutfeld described it as “the biggest post election hangover ever” and he is so right. Six months later and they still can’t get over the fact that that Hillary lost and is not in there. They claim Trump stole the election since Hillary got the popular vote. Trump won fair and square with the electoral college vote which is how our country has been run for the past 200 years. I guess they don’t teach that in schools anymore either. I remember studying about that in my ninth grade civics class in high school.

Now with Trump firing Comey that adds more fuel to their wild tin foil hat conspiracy theories. They now claim Trump fired Comey to get out of being investigated of colluding with Russia to fix the election when nothing could be further from the truth.

There were many reasons for Comey’s ineptitude. The Boston bombers case, he blew it. The Orlando nightclub shooter, he blew it, The Major Hassan case, he blew it, Benghazi, he blew, it but the straw that broke the camel’s back was his July 5th, 2016 announcement where he listed all these crimes Hillary had committed by having an illegal server that she used to send classified documents on, destroying subpoenaed   evidence and withholding  subpoenaed documents and lying about it to congress then at the end said he was not pursuing charges. Why didn’t he investigate the Clinton Foundation where the Clintons got millions and millions of dollars in their back pockets in laundered money in a pay for play scheme. Why didn’t he investigate Hilary selling 20% of our Uranium to Russia. Russia deals with Iran and Iran would love to have that uranium to make nukes to use against Isreal and us. Talk about a Russian collusion. Democrats have more ties to Russia than Trump does

Michel Goodwin in today’s N.Y. Post sums it up this way:

The suddenly former FBI boss was long cavalier about making enemies among both Democrats and Republicans, as if going rogue repeatedly proved his rectitude. On occasion it did, but Comey increasingly wore his self-righteousness on his sleeve, confident he was too big to fire.

That was his fatal mistake. And it’s why Trump made the right decision to show him the door.

Years ago, Comey let it be known to the liberal press that he had threatened to resign under President George W. Bush unless he got his way on a document related to the war on terror.

He also insisted on a special prosecutor in the Valerie Plame case, which ended up convicting the wrong man in an enduring injustice.

That  background made him a hero to Democrats, which is why Obama made him head of the FBI in the first place. Then he finally drove the Dems crazy, with Obama’s Justice Department investigating him and Clinton blaming him for her loss.

So Comey exits, forced off the stage after giving everybody he ever worked for legitimate reasons to be unhappy with his performance. Why James Comey had to go | New York Post

Democrats wanted Comey fired also because he was investigating Hillary until Trump did it now they put him on a pedestal. DEMS ONCE BLAMED; NOW DEFENDING… 

During the presidential debates Hillary said, “You don’t want someone with a temperament like Donald Trump in the white house” to which Trump replied, “Because you’d be in jail.”

If I were Hillary today knowing Trump will appoint a new FBI head who will be tough and bring back integrity to the FBI, I’d be very worried.   Very worried indeed.

Gingrich on Comey’s firing: Trump had no choice – YouTube

MAXINE WATERS: I Don't Support Trump Firing Comey, I Would If Hillary Did... (Why do they keep voting this crazy nonsensical woman in?)
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