The Naked Magicians. A Hilarious,Magical,’R”Rated Chippendales!!

05 May

 Naked magicians 1

nakedmagicians 2

The Naked Magicians are two young lads from Australia Christopher Wayne and MikeTyler who have perfected the art of magic combined with the art of striptease with the emphasis on tease. Upon entering the theater there are signs posted saying this act features course language and sexual situations. The course language is four letter words, but used in a very entertaining and intelligent way rather than lewd,crude or obscene. The audience is predominantly female with a few men like myself with their wives and or girlfriends. It was definitely a “girls’ night out” event with the women all too anxious to be chosen when asked for a volunteer from the audience.

The acts and tricks themselves are very difficult to describe as they are long and so visual and really need to be seen so I am including a few links for you to see for yourself.  At no time are they completely naked without something covering their privates whether it be  just their hands or a hat cleverly covering them. The first half of the  90 minute show they are completely dressed doing tricks with audience members chosen and slowly stripping down to covering their privates cleverly.

Australian duo, the Naked Magicians features Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler, who take magic to the next level, combining muscles, magic and laughs into one performance.

After several audience members asked them to make their clothes disappear, the 31-year-olds went from best friends to partners in entertainment magic in 2014.

“It’s kind of crazy because magic is the second-oldest profession ever and we couldn’t believe that no one had combined the two things that everyone loves—magic and nudity,” said Wayne.

The duo has been performing together for nearly 20 years. Wayne is the first Australian magician in history to have his own TV series, “More Than Magic,” which aired in Australia, New Zealand, England and the U.S.

Wayne also swam competitively at the Australian National Championships and Pan Pacific Games before becoming a professional magician for corporate events around the world.


As co-star of The Naked Magicians, Christopher has a wit quicker than Kim Kardashian’s first marriage and often confused as a Macklemore look-a-like. He is proud owner of a freakingly long tongue and an entertainment resume as impressive as his broad climbable shoulders. 

Originally known as the “clothed” magician on Channel 10’s long-running kids TV program, Christopher then became the first Australian magician in TV history to have his own TV series, “More Than Magic” which aired in Australia, New Zealand, England, and USA. Christopher also spent 4 years as the head comedy writer for Queensland’s favourite breakfast radio show “B105” and continues regular guest spots on several radio stations in Australia.

He is happiest on stage in front of thousands of fans with his sleeves up and pants down! Don’t be fooled by his nice guy image, Christopher is more naughty than nice.


The complete package of funny, athletic, sexy and good with his hands… Mike Tyler is perfectly suited to star in the world’s naughtiest and funniest magic show.

Getting his gear off has always come naturally to Mike who was a competitive swimmer competing at the National Championships and Pan Pacific Games… keep an eye out for his incredible physique and sporty tan lines on stage as proof! After attending school under scholarship, he completed a university degree but soon realized his dream of becoming an entertainer with a quick wit, modest ego, and incredible sleight-of-hand skill.

At the age of 31, Mike is in a full time relationship with his career, adventure, and travel. He is considered one of Australia’s favourite and most successful entertainers performing over 250 “clothed” shows for the biggest companies and sporting teams in the country. He has performed countless times to millions of people on TV in Australia, New Zealand, and USA while performing magic in 10 countries around the world.

Be careful catching his gaze for too long as Mike is also a highly-skilled comedy hypnotist! Flirt at your own risk…

Here are two tricks they performed:

 Waterbury Palace Theater:The Naked Magicians

 The Naked Magicians on Seven Sharp  (When they performed this trick and the girl threw the cards at Wayne’s pin board ,Mike didn’t throw the knife, instead the girl threw the cards at the pin board and when Chris lifted up his pin board her card was covering his privates.)




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