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Antifa Strikes Again!!!Attacks Peaceful Protestors!!!


 Black-clad anarchists on Sunday stormed into what had been a largely peaceful Berkeley protest against hate and attacked at least four people, including the leader of a politically conservative group who canceled an event a day earlier in San Francisco because of fears violence could break out. A group of more than 100 masked antifa, with shields emblazoned with the words ‘no hate’ and waving a flag identifying themselves as anarchists, then broke through police barricades, avoiding security checks by officers to take away possible weapons.  They say no hate as they cause hate by spraying the peaceful crowd with pepper spray and hurled bottles filled with urine at cops and beating up on peaceful protestors. If you asked an ATIFA protestor if they love anything they would no doubt reply, “Yeah we love hate.”

Even leftist leaders in congress like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were shocked that they attacked peaceful protestors or did they just feign shock and surprise?

Among those assaulted by the anarchists was Joey Gibson, the leader of the Patriot Prayer group, who canceled a rally Friday and was prevented from holding a news conference on Saturday when authorities closed off the public square Gibson planned to use.  Gibson has said he launched Patriot Prayer after several supporters of President Donald Trump were beaten at a Trump campaign stop in San Jose, California last year.

After the anarchists spotted Gibson at the Berkeley park, they pepper-sprayed him and chased him out of it as he backed away with his hands held in the air, accompanied by a masked man wearing football shoulder pads. Gibson and the man went behind a line of police wearing riot gear, who set off a smoke bomb to drive away the anarchists.  You can see a video of an interview Tucker Carlson had with Joey Gibson here: Democrats who whipped up Antifa silent after attacks in Berkeley on Trump supp

A ‘No To Marxism In America’ rally had been canceled by organizer Amber Cummings, who encouraged supporters to stay away but said she would attend on her own.

By mid-afternoon Cummings had not appeared and left-wing protesters far outnumbered right-wing supporters. Both Cummings and Gibson have disavowed racism and say they wanted to hold the rallies to bring conservative voices to the liberal San Francisco Bay Area.

This whole thing started earlier this year with Antifa attacking students at Berkley when conservative speakers like Milo and Ann Coulter attempted to speak there. They claim they are anti-fascist, hence the name Antifa, but they are anything but as they smash windows, beat up people, overturn cars all in the name of anti-fascism and peace and love. They are anything but what they claim to be. They chose this name for themselves and claim to be anti fascists but everything about them shouts of fascism. They carry signs proclaiming NO HATE while they spew hate and attack people. They carry flags that proclaim them to be anarchists and actually appear to be proud of it while hiding their faces. And we have heard them not only yelling no more Trump but no more USA as well. They are not only terrorists but subversives as well. They are everything they claim to be against.  So who is the real fascists I ask you? Surely it’s impossible that it’s them.

Antifa is a group of hired thugs sent to cause trouble which will then be blamed on the group they are  “protesting”. They are getting more aggressive all the time as they have little to no consequences for their actions. This movement came to a head in the Charlottesville riots when they protested against  a neo nazi group protesting the taking own of a statue of Robert E. Lee.

These neo-Nazi and KKK groups have been around a long time now since the civil war and WW11 and personally I think they are irrelevant today.  They are a small group of chapters around the country sharing their white supremist ideology and dressing in their Nazi uniforms, but basically they kept to themselves and didn’t harm anyone. The neo-Nazi group in Charlottesville had a permit to demonstrate in the park there. Only recently thanks to the anti Trump hate filled media did all this attention to them come about.

Multiple Antifa groups are now planning not just one event, but according to their announcement, it will be a nationwide terror attack on Americans, scheduled for November 4, 2017, and already being organized, with fliers, being announced on their websites and social media accounts, telling their followers to “take to the streets and public squares in cities and towns across the country continuing day after day and night after night—not stopping—until our DEMAND is met.”

What is their demand? “The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!”

On August 19, 2017, they held “regional conferences” in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Austin, to plan the nationwide terror attacks, with the conferences being hosted by Refuse Fascism Org.

In their own words:
We will gather in the streets and public squares of cities and towns across this country, at first many thousands declaring that this whole regime is illegitimate and that we will not stop until our single demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: the Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

Our protest must grow day after day and night after night—thousands becoming hundreds of thousands, and then millions—determined to act to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world by demanding that this whole regime be removed from power.

The Revolutionary communist Party is also  organizing their members to participate, as are dozens of Antifa-like groups.

This is not about Confederate monuments, not about Antifa being “offended” at free speech, or imagery they don’t like….make no mistake, they are saying straight up their goal is to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States,  their methods include attacking police, attacking any Trump supporters, any free speech activists, and as seen below, they will attack anyone holding an American flag. In other words, if they show up in your town, expect violence. 

They are not planning events to be held in specific towns, they are calling anyone that agrees with their ideology to take the streets, it could be your neighbor, your family members, anybody in your city or town that agrees with their ideology.….. they have already started a civil war in this country, now they want to bring it to your home town.

George  Soros is funding all this violence with the help of his puppets like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary, Barack Obama,Chuck Schumer, Maxine and the rest of the radicals. Soros is the head of the snake that must be crushed. He’s an evil man determined to destroy our country and our president in his quest for a one world government. Putin wants him dead or alive for trying to subvert his government there.



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Former Va.Attorney General Says Mitch McConnell,Swamp Dweller,Must Go!!!


 I recently received the letter below from former Attorney General from Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli stating why Mitch McConnell must be removed from the Senate. I agree with his reasoning, but it would be diffilcult because McConnell’s wife is Trump’s Secretary of Labor. McConnell is another reason for term limits and draining the swamp.

Fellow Conservatives:

Senator Mitch McConnell’s failed leadership is killing President Trump’s conservative agenda and there is no sign this will change.

President Trump asked for funding for the border wall, but Mitch McConnell said no.

President Trump campaigned on term limits for Members of Congress, but Mitch McConnell said no.

President Trump proposed budget cuts for foreign aid, but Mitch McConnell said no.

And now President Trump has called on Senate Republicans to renew their efforts to repeal Obamacare, but yet again, Mitch McConnell has said no, “it’s time to move on.”

Even worse, Mitch McConnell is now blaming the president for setting “excessive expectations” when he was the one who set these expectations with years of empty promises!!!

It’s time for Senate Republicans to elect a new leader who will fight to save our country!

Mitch McConnell is a creature of the swamp who never wanted President Trump to defeat Hillary Clinton. It’s why he told Senate Republicans they should drop Trump “like a hot rock.”

It’s no surprise that McConnell is calling the president stupid now and sending his political allies out to attack the president in the press.

The president is right to question Mitch McConnell’s leadership because he is responsible for electing all of the liberal Republicans who are now blocking the president’s agenda.

And there’s no sign that is going to change.

McConnell is already taking steps to re-elect liberal Republicans who oppose Trump’s agenda and to defeat conservative candidates who pose a threat to the status quo.

In fact, his super PAC recently vowed to defend Senator Dean Heller from a primary challenge after he flip-flopped on Obamacare and voted against repeal.

Mitch McConnell doesn’t want President Trump to drain the swamp. He wants to keep rewarding his cronies with liberal policies and continue business as usual.

We can’t allow this career politician to blow our best chance to make America great again. McConnell is simply unwilling to fight for President Trump’s conservative agenda and he needs to go.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom. Thank you for taking action to promote conservative leadership in Washington.


Ken Cuccinelli II
President, Senate Conservatives Action
Former Attorney General of Virginia

With McConnell saying Trump has “excessive expectations” shows the difference between a politician and a businessman.  Of course Trump has excessive expectations. So do the American people who elected him. They are tired of Congress not getting anything done for them. A politician like McConnell talks the talk but never gets much done, a businessman like Trump expects results and gets things done. McConnell has been in congress too long and is used  to just talking about things and putting them off and getting lost an government bureaucracy like they did with Obamcare in talking about repealing and replacing it for seven years and then voting against it.. Trump gets things done and expects results which is why people elected him.

Another reason McConnell can’t be trusted and  must go is that  the White House is accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of waging a clandestine smear campaign against President Donald Trump, leaking sensitive internal communications shared with the President to the New York Times and possibly other media, according to administration officials.

White House sources said McConnell either leaked the information to the Times himself or instructed aides to do it for him. Either way, they said, the Senate leader no longer deserves blanket trust from the Trump administration nor do  the American people who elected Trump.

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Trump’s Accomplishments So Far!!!And They Are Many!!!

trump afghanistan speech

The Main Stream Media should be thankful Trump is in office. Look at all the attention they are getting. Look at all the stories and theories about him they are writing, tin foil hat conspiracy stories and all.  They can’t seem to get enough of him. They criticize him left and right and people wonder how much can he take and will he resign? Therein lies the rub sort of speak.

The other night on Sean Hannity’s show Monica Crowley stated that Trump really enjoys and gets off on all this criticism because it is a major distraction by the media so he can get things done. Notice the media never mentions all the things he’s accomplished to make it look like he’s not doing anything, but if you do some research like I have you can see what he has accomplished, more than any other president in the shortest period of time. Trump is a workaholic and only gets four hours of sleep a night.

Here’s a list of all his accomplishments so far.

1) He got conservative judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

2) The stock market is at an all time high.

3) Consumer confidence is at an all time high.

4) He created more than a million jobs by undoing Obama’s regulations.

5) Mortgage applications for new homes is  at a 7 year high.

6) Unemployment rate is at a 16 year low.

7) Signed the promoting women in entrepreneurship act.

8) Gutted 800 Obama era regulations thus freeing up companies to hire again and get the economy moving once again.

9) Ended the war on coal and caused a new mine for coal mining to open that will mine clean coal. He also put the miners back to work.

10) Weakened Dodd-Frank regulations.

11) Promotes buying and hiring American.

12) Investments from major businesses such as Foxconn, Ford ,Toyota, Intel amd others will build here now.

13) Reduced illegal immigration by over 70%.

14) Bids for the border wall are underway.

15) He’s fighting back against sanctuary cities.

16) Changed the rules of engagement against ISIS.

17) Drafted a plan to defeat ISIS.

18) Worked to reduce the cost of the F-35 fighter jets.

19) Imposed a five year lobbying plan.

20) Sanctioned Iran over its’ missile program.

21) Responded to Syria’s use of chemical weapons.

22) Reduced tax reform plan.

23) He’s renegotiating Nafta

24) He withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership thus keeping jobs here.

25) He pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accords thus saving us millions of dollars every year.

26) Created a task force to reduce crime.

27) The DOJ is targeting dangerous gangs like MS-13.

28) Signed independence and economic growth law.

29) Signed an executive order to protect police officers and target drug cartels.

30) Signed an executive order for religious freedom.

31) His administration is working on sending education back to the states.

32) He’s fixing the dept. of Veterans affairs so now vets can choose their own doctors and be covered. This also protects whistle blowers and allows VA to terminate bad employees..

33) Authorized construction of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines. The Dakota pipeline is up and running without harming the environment.

34) Created commissions on election fraud and opioid addiction.

35) Food stamp use is the lowest level in seven years.

36) Reduced the White House payroll saving taxpayers millions of dollars.

37) He’s donating his salary to various causes.

38) Signed 52 pieces of legislation.

39)  Cut 600 billion from UN peacekeeping mission.

40) Gas prices lowest in more than12 years.

You won’t hear any of this in the mainstream media. All they know is destroy, distract and damage. That shows that they don’t care about the people they claim to care about because if they did they would work with Trump and make the country better. Trump accomplished all of this on his own without the help of congress who are useless at this point.  All the media cares about is how they can destroy him today. They have no solutions of their own. They are all deranged ideologues suffering from what is known as Trump derangement syndrome. No wonder the media’s and congress’ ratings are lower than Trump’ s. His may be low, but theirs is lower.

In the areas of economics and national security, Trump is in the midst of healing this country’s true woes. He’s facing nearly insurmountable opposition from every corner of Washington and the media. But he’s started something in motion that will ultimately prevail. He has turned the ship around. That’s moral victory. That’s making America great again. That’s all that really, truly matters.

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The Schizophrenic, Paranoiac, Destroy Trump Media!!!


Paranoia strikes deep. Into your heart it will creep. Starts when you’re always afraid. Step out of line and they’ll come take you away. Buffalo Springfield- “For What It’s Worth”-1968

Over the years when it comes to presidents I’ve noticed the media is very schizophrenic. They can’t decide whether to be an attack dog or lapdog or a responsible news organization. When a republican is in office, it’s attack, attack, attack to try to make him submit to their way. When a democrat is in office they bow down to the master and do what he says even if it means covering up for him, but Trump has really set them off as they’ve never encountered anything like him before. He’s a tough businessman with a New York attitude, a street fighter if you will and when you hit him he hits back twice as hard.


On election night, Nov.4th, 2016 at 8 p.m. Hilary was supposed to have cracked the glass ceiling and become the first woman president. By 10 pm. Trump was president. This set the media off in an unhinged frenzy. They were beside themselves. How dare this outsider come in and ruin everything for them. The democrats and media claim they are all for the people, when actually they are just out for themselves. Trump is really a man for the people and wants to see everyone succeed and make money like he did and get off welfare and out of poverty.

First it was Russia , Russia, Russia with Trump. That didn’t work so now it’s racist racist, racist and that’s not working so now they are going with him being mentally ill and incompetent when it is they who are the mentally ill ones. Just watch any panel on the news shows and hear the hate and rage in their voices and wide eyed expressions on their faces. They claim Trump is unhinged because he fights back like he did in his rally this week in Arizona when it is they who have snapped so they have to make up stories and lies about him.

At his rally in Arizona Trump went on the offense hard defending himself, his reputation, his honor and family against the constant day in and day out  barrage  of slanderous lies of the Destroy Trump Media. At his rally Trump said “if you want to see the source of the division in our country you need to look no further than the fake news media” as the crowd shouted “CNN sucks” over and over.

Naturally the media most notably CNN and MSNBC went into meltdown mode calling him unstable, uinhinged  and mentally ill when it is they who should be looking in the mirror if they want to see unhingedness and mental illness.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin complained that the crowd yelling ‘CNN  sucks’  would  lead to someone doing something terrible to a journalist.

Hey Jeffrey you mean like when a liberal lunatic went after conservative republicans at a baseball game after hearing liberal media attacks against Trump or when you had a liberal congresswoman from Missouri Maria Chappelle-Nadal calling for Trump’s assassination or liberal comedian Kathy Griffith holding an ISIS inspired decapitated head of Trump?

This is what happens when a supposed news organization spreads racial hate and lies about the President because when people hear a lie long enough they start to believe the lie.

Or how about CNNs Don Lemon having the audacity to say Trump is a racist and everyone in his administration is a racist and everyone who voted for Trump is complicit in his racism. Hey Don, I got news for you. That statement makes you look like a racist since you insulted 65 million people who voted for Trump. If you dont like it move to Venezuela.

These news people are truly beyond pathetic and deserve every criticism they got coming to them. Did they not think calling him a racist and bigot every hour of every day would get such a response from him? Well DUHHHH!!


After Trumps attacks their credibility is now gone so they have to resort to using fake lies and create fake crisis after fake crisis using unnamed sources that dont exist. Never forget Rahm Emanuell telling Obama, Never let a good crisis go to waste. It gives you a chance to do things you normally wouldnt do.

The democrat party and their liberal news lackeys claim they are for the people, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are so agenda driven with their left wing ideologue. Theyre not interested in helping the people who are suffering on welfare and unemployment. Thats how they keep their power base by keeping those people down and dependant on government. They wont mention the million new jobs Trump created. Under Obama we had the lowest labor participation rate with 95 million people out of the work force. Under Trump that is changing. Under Obama we had the lowest economy and lowest home ownership rate. Under trump that is all changing also, but the media wont tell you that either. They never talk about solutions. All they know is name calling and attack.

They are still complaining about Trumps response to Charlottsville  after he said numerous times over and over and over and over again how he deplores hatred and bigotry and denounced groups like the KKK, David Duke, and Nazis and white supremacists going way back to 1991,but to the Destroy Trump Media that is still not enough.

As actor Denzel Washington recently said quoting Mark Twain,If you dont read the newspapers you are uninformed. If you do read the newspapers youre misinformed.

CNN: If You Voted For Trump You’re A White Supremacists

truthi s henew hate speech

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Trump Wows Crowds at Arizona Rally!!!

trump in Arizona

Trump-backers far outnumbered protesters in Phoenix as Trump swung through the illegal immigration hotbed of Arizona and supporters braved 107-degree heat for hours in line. Facebook protest groups collected 7,400 RSVPs but only a few hundred anti-Trump demonstrators showed up. Trump mentioned how the crowd inside was so much bigger than the protesting crowd outside and everyone was safe inside where he was at a Trump rally.

Vice President Mike Pence introduced Trump saying the left wing media has been distorting the facts, but the people know the truth.  Trump then entered the arena  to rousing cheers and to Lee Greenwood’s song “Proud to be an American.” A good portion of Trump’s speech centered on the dishonesty of the media, especially how they treated him so unfairly in his Charlottesville speech. Loud “boos” could be heard from the crowd every time Trump mentioned the media. Trump read from a list of his quotes from Charlotessville saying every time he said there is no place for bigotry, hatred and racism in our country each time the media would say “He didn’t say it soon enough” or “He was late” or “He waited too long so he must be a racist,” etc. “They make up stories and don’t report the facts,” Trump said, “They say they have sources, but they don’t have sources. They never reported that I said racism is bad and they wonder why their ratings are so bad. The media is totally dishonest,” Trump said. Trump had nothing but praise for Fox News especially Sean Hannity  and Fox and Friends in the morning. There are some on there that don’t like me, but at least they are all fair on there,” he said. Trump stated that the only people  giving a platform to hate groups is the media and fake news. “They would rather get ratings than report the truth,” Trump said.

Trump panned the various publications that are dishonest like the “failing N.Y. Times, Washington Post and CNN.” At the mention of CNN the audience chanted out loudly “CNN Sucks, CNN Sucks , CNN Sucks.”

Trump said we are committed to fighting for our agenda and will not stop. He said his agenda is based on love for every American from every background that puts their needs first.

 Trump threatened to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn’t present him with a spending bill for the next fiscal year that includes funding for a wall on the southern border.

“The obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it, but believe me, if we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall,” Trump said at a rally in Phoenix.

Trump reiterated his message that he was elected to help boost national security and keep illegal immigrants out of the country, many of whom he said are dangerous. He noted that he’s met with several families who have lost loved ones due to violence by illegal immigrants.

“I promised these families the deaths of their loved ones will not have been in vain,” he said.

As he has since he started running for office last year, Trump said the border wall was going to happen, and warned Democrats that they were harming national security by opposing it.

“We are building a wall on the southern border, which is absolutely necessary,” he said.

“Let me be very clear to Democrats in Congress who oppose a border wall and stand in the way of border security,” he added. “You are putting all of Americans’ safety at risk.”

The crowd then burst out in chants of “Build the wall” “Build the wall” Build the Wall!!!” Trump told the crowd that the democrats have no new ideas and no policies so all they can do is obstruct.

“The people of Arizona know the deadly and heartbreaking consequences of illegal immigration,” Trump said at a rally. “They lost lives, the drugs, the gangs, the cartels, the crisis of smuggling and trafficking, and MS-13. We are throwing them out so fast, they never got thrown out of anything like this. We are liberating towns out in Long Island. We are liberating. Can you imagine in this day and age? In this day and age in this country, we are liberating towns.” 

“This is like from a different age. We are taking these people. They don’t shoot people because it’s too fast and not painful. They cut them up into little pieces. These are animals. We are getting them out of here. We are throwing them in jail, throwing them out of the country. We are liberating our towns,” Trump said to cheers.

“After years of defending other countries borders, can you believe we fight for other countries? We want to defend their borders. We’re finally defending our own borders,” Trump said. Trump said his administration is “liberating” towns of illegal immigration and cartels and gangs like MS-13.

At one point when he was talking about the democrats obstructing he happened to mention Hillary. He was immediately cut off by chants of “Lock her up” from the audience. Washington is filled with people looking out for themselves. It’s time to drain the swamp,” Trump said as the crowd cheered.

The speech wasn’t all rhetoric and emotion though. On the subject of NAFTA Trump said he doubts the United States can reach a deal to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

“Personally, I don’t think we can make a deal … I think we’ll end up probably terminating NAFTA at some point,” he said at a rally inArizona of the efforts to tweak the three-nation deal with Mexico andCanada.

“I personally don’t think you can make a deal without a termination but we’re going to see what happens, OK? You’re in good hands, I can tell you,” he added.

The three nations started formal negotiations to tweak the trade agreement this month. The U.S. came into the talks seeking a major overhaul in the deal that removed most barriers to trade between the countries. It went into effect in 1994.

As a candidate, Trump railed against NAFTA and other free trade deals, saying they sapped manufacturing jobs from American workers as companies sought to pay lower wages abroad.

Trump touted his accomplishments which the media purposely ignores such as how he created a million new jobs because he lifted Obama’s regulations to free companies to hire again. He told of a new coal mine which will mine clean coal just opened up in Pennsylvania, he got rid of TPP (The Trans Pacific Partnership) which will bring companies back here from overseas, he killed the job killing Paris climate accords, Companies like Foxconn which manufactures computers and I-Phones is building a new plan there which will employ 1,300 people, he signed 50 pieces of legislature, nominated 50 federal judges including Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and killed job killing regulations. This was more than any other president has done in six months. He said GDP is up 2.6% after they said he wouldn’t get past 1.5% and unemployment is the lowest in 15 years. Trump also mentioned it was time to cut taxes for the middle class and by hiring and cutting taxes that will improve race relations.

The entire speech lasted an hour and 15 minutes his longest yet much of which was without a teleprompter.

Watch the full speech here:

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Trump’s Afghanistan Speech Proves He’s Presidential And a True Commander in Chief!!!

trump afghanistan speech

Before a captive audience of military men and women in Fort Meyers, Va. President Trump laid out his plan for Afghanistan vowing to fight to win. U.S. commanders have long planned for a possible shift in resources from Iraq to Afghanistan as the fight against Islamic State comes off its peak, following gains made in the Iraqi city of Mosul and other areas. Using the right cadence and tone he showed that he is truly presidential and a very capable and professional commander in chief.

At the very beginning Trump referenced the recent events stemming from Charlottesville and said we must come together saying “When one person is hurt, we all hurt.” Trump went on to say to be truly American means we have to be loyal not only to country, but to one another. This was truly a unifying statement coming straight from his heart and meaning it.

As he started out with his plan for Afghanistan Trump admitted that he was always against the war in Afghanistan, but after sitting behind the desk in the oval office you see things in a different perspective. Trump noted that the terrorists of 9/11 all stemmed from Afghanistan and that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists.

Trump told the men and women soldiers that he is lifting the rules of engagement that Obama instituted and we are there to kill terrorists. We will no longer use military might to nation build and construct democracies. W e will help the Afghan people, but it is up to them what kind of government they want and what rules they want. Trumps aid he’s basing his policy on what he called “principled realism.”

Trump said the days of endless military spending is over and we will not be there in an unlimited capacity and this is not a blank check. He then stated firmly that other countries such as China, Pakistan and India have to chip in and pay their fare share. While Trump refused to offer detailed troop numbers, senior White House officials said he had already authorized his defense secretary to deploy up to 3,900 more troops to Afghanistan.

Trump said the enemy must never know our plans or a timeline like Obama did which was a huge mistake as the enemy just lays there and waits until we pull out. “I will not say when we will attack, but attack we will.” Trump said he was leaving a lot up to the generals in charge and troops on the ground to make their own decisions. “The American people expect to see real reform and results,” Trump said.

It was a straightforward speech that put Pakistan on notice and showed America and the world a different Trump, one that is in charge and very presidential.

After the speech Brett Bair and Martha McCallum on Fox interviewed senator Lindsey Graham and to my surprise Graham did a 180 degree turn from his previous view of Trump and was inspired by the speech saying it was the right thing to say and do. Graham made a very bold statement to his fellow senators saying, “Any senator who votes against this policy then the next  9/11 is on your heads.” I was completely floored by this statement from Graham as he has been a constant critic of Trump and now backed him enthusiastically 100%. Welcome aboard the Trump Train senator.

Later on Sean Hannity’s show Sean interviewed Newt Gingrich who has a best seller out called   “Understanding Trump.” Newt said he thought this was the most decisive speech since Ronald Reagan and that Trump laid down rules he intends to enforce. The generals and troops will decide what actions to take now that Obama’s  rules  of  engagement  are lifted.

Trump truly showed he is Commander in Chief of all the people.


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The leftist Media Misconstrues and Misquotes Trump Again As Usual!!!

cnn liar

On Sunday morning when I was in my favorite Dunkin’ Doughnuts getting my Sunday breakfast as usual, they had CNN on the big screen. They were commenting on Trump as usual and taking everything he said out of context. These pundits should be glad Trump got in there. Look at all the fun, excitement and stories they are having over him.  If Hillary got in they’d be so busy hiding and covering up for her it would be boring. But I digress.

A woman was on the panel saying at the beginning of the campaign, Trump said Mexicans were drug dealers and rapists. That is not what he said.  He did not say ALL   Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers. The exact quote was,  “Mexico is not sending their best. Many are drug dealers and rapists and some are good people.” Note the words “many” meaning not all and also saying some are good people. They don’t mention that part. He is absolutely right, Government statistics show that 65% of our prison population  are drug dealers, murderers and rapists and other criminals from Mexico and some other Mexicans are good people.

Now the destroy Trump media is taking his tweets about Charlottesville out of context. They accused him of being a racist and Nazi supporter because he said there was blame on both sides and not all were neo-Nazis. I agree. “Not all those people were neo-Nazis, believe me,” Trump tweeted. “Not all those people were white supremacists. Some were very fine people. You have to look at both sides. I think there is blame on both sides. I have no doubt about it.”

He is absolutely right, but the short sighted, biased liberal news pundits only see one side and their hate for Trump. The very fine people he talked about were the non-Nazi and non-Communists protesting and defending the statue, but the liberal dems and Destroy Trump media used it to say he was supporting Nazis.

President Trump was correct on the facts and to call out both sides. If you don’t think Antifa & BLM aren’t hate groups, but neo-Nazi’s are, then you are as far left a partisan as one could be.

“Many of those people were there to protest the taking down of the statue of Robert E. Lee,” Trump said. “So, this week it’s Robert E. Lee. I noticed that Stonewall Jackson is coming down. I wonder is it George Washington next week and is it Thomas Jefferson the week after? You know, you really do have to ask yourself where does it stop?”

 Then we’re faced with President Trump’s question: Where does it stop? Washington and Jefferson were slave owners. Founding  fathers and great thinkers. Brave men are being assailed by a new generation, judged by morals that simply didn’t exist in any meaningful way when they were alive. And we’re supposed to tear down all of this history because a bunch of crying liberals say so? Why? What does it accomplish?

Well, the sad truth of the matter is that the left knows exactly what it’s doing. And if you get deep enough into the extreme fringes of the liberal movement, they’ll tell you flat out. They believe this country was founded on evil. They believe the Constitution is evil. They believe capitalism is evil. They believe white people are evil. And they are going to keep tearing down our history so it is easier for them to remake America in their own chaotic, communist image.

Well now they are coming for Washington and Jefferson.  Leftists are seriously asking to take down Washington and Jefferson from Mt. Rushmore. Georgia Democrats renewed their call to blow up the face of Stone Mountain that depicts Confederate generals. Does that mean we take down the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.? Do we rename Washington just D.C.? Do we take down the Washington Monument? As Trump said, “Where does it end?”

Even when Trump later acquiesced to media pressure and made an additional statement explicitly calling out the neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan he was still criticized harshly by the media, who refused to accept his words as being sincere and continued to insist that he actually supported such racist groups. You can go back to the year 2000 and see videos of him disavowing these hate groups.

They have to hurt President Trump in order to get on top again. They have nothing to offer that is constructive or positive so all they can do is attack and call names. If they bring down President Trump they can place themselves in power again which is a nightmare. Remember from nightmares you can awake. If these leftist dems and Hillary supporters get back in power it will be a nightmare that will have no awakening.

They all hate Trump! He is doing what he said he would!! Trump is not your run of the mill typical lying politician he’s honest!. This is why the political hack crooks don’t want him in office.  They know their gravy train ride is over and they have to work for a change.  They still can’t get over that they lost and as Herman Caine said last week, “Society will find a cure for cancer before these libs get over that they lost.” They don’t care about the fact that people are working again, they don’t care that the economy is booming, they just want back in so they have the power and can partake of the unsavory riches from that money laundering scam from the now defunct Clinton Foundation.

The main source of all this upheaval is George Soros. Here is a direct quote from this vile, evil person, “I’m going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We’ll put them in a mental trap and blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate” George Soros   2014. Now I ask you who s the real racist here?

Trump is a President who works very hard to get done what he has promised he would do.  He only gets four hours of sleep a night. This is what you get when you’re honest and hardworking – you get trashed. Not many people appreciate this President, but he’s the best we’ve ever had. He’s not after your money. He wants us to make money and he wants to fix the ills of the world and the awful eight years he inherited from BO.

In the meantime Trump is still succeeding in keeping his promises. He’s created a million new jobs since deregulating Obama’s regulations so companies can hire again, he’s met with 40 CEO’s of major companies who are coming back here from overseas to build here and create jobs, the stock market is breaking records every day, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 25 years, he’s pulled us out of the Trans Pacific Partnership to keep jobs here, he’s pulled us out of the Climate accords to save us millions of dollars here and most recently he forced Kim in North Korea to back down. He got the Dakota pipeline up and running so it doesn’t affect  the environment and is working on getting the Keystone pipeline going so we aren’t dependant on foreign oil, he gave the miners their jobs back and the wall is being started but unfortunately you will never hear it in the biased destroy Trump Media.



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