Media In Chaos Not Trump Administration!!!

02 Aug


So far Trump is accomplishing more than any other president in the shortest amount of time, but you wouldn’t know it by listening to the abusive, biased destroy Trump mainstream media. There are five forces out to get him that he is fighting against. They are:

  • The Deep State which is constantly leaking information to take down Trump. So far 125 leaks in 126 days. Seven times greater than any other president.
  • The Destroy Trump media which is so completely and abusively biased against Trump that they have become totally unhinged.
  • The democrats who said they will resist Trump at every turn no matter what the issue is. I guess they don’t care about hurting the American people and their country. They are just out for themselves.
  • The establishment republicans who have no spine or backbone who can’t even vote to repeal and replace Obamcare after having seven years to do so.
  • The Never Trumpers who want Trump to fail just so they can say, “I told you so.” One example is RINO republican senator Jeff Flake of Arizona who has a new book out where he goes after Trump and those that supported him. Today at the daily press briefing,Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sen. Flake should spend more time legislating than promoting his book.

 Yes these are the forces Trump is up against with their constant Russian collusion tin foil hat conspiracy attacks.

While there is still no evidence the president or his associates colluded with Russia against Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, evidence may be emerging that there was collusion by Democrats with Russians against Trump.

The FBI investigation into possible Trump team collusion with Russia seems to have been based entirely, as WND has reported, on an infamous dossier of dubious veracity.

After the Senate hearing, a Capitol Hill source with knowledge of the investigations told WND, “Democrats have peddled the dossier’s claims, but if it turns out Democrat groups actually cooperated with Kremlin-linked individuals in compiling the dossier or funding its compilation, they may have to explain that under oath.”

That would make it the Democrats who colluded with Russia. Not Trump.What the democrats are doing is what is known in psychological circles as “projection” pointing their faults onto someone else. In this case they are blaming Trump for their own  Russian collusion.

In the daily press briefing on Tuesday Sarah Huckabee Sanders chastised the press for ignoring democrat scandals of Russian collusion by democrats especially Hillary with her deleting 33,000 subpoened e-mails with bleach bit and smashing 13 subpoened cell phones and computers with hammers, her selling uranium to Russia for 145 million dollars in kickbacks to her Clinton foundation through Canada and turning over subpoened hand held computers to the FBI without sim cards.

But the media doesn’t want to cover the criminal scandals of Clinton and Obama. They are only interested in destroying Trump and reporting everything negative about him. Forget the fact that unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 16 years, forget the fact that the GNP is up 2.4%, forget  the fact that there are a million new jobs since Trump became president and companies added 178.000 new jobs in June and forget that the stock market is at an all time high. None of that is important to them. It is the media who is in chaos as their readership and circulation is falling fast and people are wise to them and their biased,  negative, abusive reporting. The reason Trump won is because the media stays in their bubbles and don’t get out  to feel the real pulse of the American people and have to resort to lies and half truths to get their biased, leftist agenda across. If the media and democrats really love their country and  its’ people they would get on the Trump train and help make America great again.

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One response to “Media In Chaos Not Trump Administration!!!

  1. JOY "no honesty running through their veins" Great comment and so true

    August 2, 2017 at 11:04 pm

    Right on the mark!!! Trump will do just fine


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