Don’t Take The Jab!!!

21 Oct

Tucker Carlson recently had a guest who had the courage to tell people, that for the first time, record numbers of people are dying, for unknown reasons.  It’s documented.  Ages 30 – 58.  He said his colleagues are afraid to speak out about what has started to happen.  

 I’m glad Tucker is starting to touch on it.Sean Hannity just says consult with your doctor and don’t listen to these phony one size fits all doctors on TV. I never trusted these  jabs from the beginning and did my research on them. .I wonder why all these companies and police and fire departments are being so demanding to take the jabs or be fired. Don’t they know its’ harmful effects? I guess not. Don’t they know it weakens your immune system and after a bunch of them your system gets weaker and weaker ending in full blown AIDS. Don’t they know it goes through your whole cardio vascular system? I guess not. I know people like Gates, Fauci, Soros, Schwab, Big pharma etc. know it and it fits into their agenda of depopulation, but why do all these companies fall in line and demand all their employees get it. Are they so conditioned to believe that this so called fake vaccine is the real thing and will protect you when it doesn’t? Don’t they see people dying from taking both shots, up to 200,000 so far and over one and a half million with severe bad reactions . Don’t they know you can still get covid and pass it onto others after getting the jabs? That’s why I haven’t taken them and don’t intend to. 

I think the vaccines are now starting to work right on schedule, this Fall, and the depopulation process promoted by Gates, Fauci, Schwab and others has started.  And no one can explain why this is happening.  Maybe that’s why many countries in Europe have just started to ban the vaccine?  I guess, in some cases, better late than never,

The simple solution to the whole mind bending problem.  Don’t take the jab.  

It starts all these nightmare scenarios.  Conflicting facts, wrong facts, flip flopping facts, finger pointing, people dying, breaking the Constitution by imposing mandates, on/off mask gymnastics, jabbing no risk children, etc. etc.  That’s how you know something is wrong, or deliberately kept missing from informing the public.  Very suspicious why so much confusion, even among expert virologists?  Why so much divisiveness? Why is a medical issue politicized???  We should all be on the same page on this one.   This is not normal.  It’s bad.

If you should get COVID (in a normal way, not from an mRNA vaxxed person’s shedding), it is much less likely when you have not been vaccinated.  You have a very high chance, i.e approx. 98%, of being OK, than when you have muddied the whole body with an experimental non-vaccine jab that no one knows much about (but misinforms us, like Fauci, its creator), especially the experts!  I am also sure there’s a whole lot we don’t know about.

If you’ve already taken the first jab, don’t take the second one, since it’s when problems become more exposed and more severe.  Not meant to help you.  Govt. has not done one genuine thing to help you in decades, unless they had a hidden ulterior motive – which is still not meant to help you.  Genuine help is reserved for the illegal immigrants and other criminals.  Criminals were let out of jail to protect them from COVID!  How about protecting us from them? Nope, that’s a good thing, we won’t let that happen.  Why not vax the illegals?  Nope, we protect them.   

do resent those who forcibly impose it on me and esp. children, against my will, and with name calling, what I believe to be a bad thing for my body.  If they don’t agree with me, it’s OK.  But I have no problem with them taking it.  Big difference. 

Now the science shows those who took the mRNA jabs are those who are infecting all those around them, including themselves, with COVID, through SHEDDING.  Microscopically oozing spike proteins through the skin. 

That’s a criminal act, knowingly using one’s body as a weapon to hurt someone else.  Naturally, they will all deny knowing this, for which they have a point – they were deliberately kept ignorant.  Fauci designed it that way, but playing innocent, while becoming fabulously rich at our bodies’ expense.  He’s the biggest criminal in mankind’s history – while people love him!  That’s being a really great criminal.  No other criminal in history has killed millions globally, over his long career, with various vaccines, like he did, and never got nailed.  Even our Congress is having a hard time.

In short, don’t take the jab, or don’t take the 2nd, and all the “boosters” they are lining up for you to take indefinitely.  

Good news:  People, esp. in Europe, are finally waking  up to this, and beginning to reject these jabs.  Big demonstrations.  Truly, better late than never.

I report,you decide.

Watch this animated videoIf you watch the video and STILL want the Jab, then I must say that you are beyond help!

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One response to “Don’t Take The Jab!!!

  1. Sandra Williams

    October 22, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    Jim well said, my uncle died from colon cancer, tested negative for COVID, and his doctor asked his wife if he could list his death as a COVID death, she said if he does she would sue the hell out of him. Dad’s mother died from normal old age of 100, tested negative for COVID, and the nursing home doctor tried to list her death as a COVID death, Dad said he was going 5o sue him, he backed down. We know a pharmacist and she said these vaccines are destroying everyone’s immune system, we will not take the jab.


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