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Obama the Stoner

Bill Clinton said he smoked, but didn’t inhale marijuana, but Obama did inhale, in fact so much he had his own what he called “choom”gang. Choom is the Hawaiian word for pot, according to a new book called “Barack Obama:The Story” by David Maraniss about  to be released in which Obama’s high school friends are interviewed. An excerpt from the book quotes one of the friends as saying: Barry popularized the concept of “roof hits”: when they were chooming in the car all the windows had to be rolled up so no smoke blew out and went to waste; when the pot was gone, they tilted their heads back and sucked in the last bit of smoke from the ceiling.

In his HS yearbook Obama thanks his drug dealer and fellow choom gang members for all the good times and not his mother. His brain cells must be so whacked out which is why he needs a teleprompter whenever he speaks. In a recent monologue, radio talk show host Mark Levin remarked that “we are supposed to think this guy is such a genius yet we can’t see his college transcripts and he can’t utter two sentences without a telepromter. I do three hours everyday on my show without a teleprompter.” 😀

In his book “Dream  of My Father” Obama admits to “being in a daze in his last two years of H.S. attending classes sparingly and doing drugs heavily  and that included a little blow” (cocaine). That being the case, I wonder how he got into Occidental College and then Harvard and Yale and how did he afford such high priced edifices of higher learning?  Who paid for him? Surley not his grandparents as they weren’t that wealthy and did he take out loans for all that and did he ever pay them back?

Last night on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel they were discussing Obama’s transcripts and democrat Michael Brown asked why he had to release his transcripts as no other president had to release theirs.  Michael was quickly rebutted by other members of the panel saying Bush had to release his and then John Kerry also and it was revealed Bush had better grades than Kerry  because Kerry had 3 D’s one year. Brown also stated that no other president has been castigated like this one. Again they disagreed and I agree with them that no president has been criticized and castigated as much as Bush was. They even made movies about Bush’s assasination, but if you criticize Obama, you’re deemd a racist by the media so don’t tell me Obama was the most criticized president in history.

The mystery of Obama deepens. This is what you get when a president is not fully vetted. All the media  and dems cared about was the fact he was the first black (half black anyway) president. Martin Luther King said he wanted to see a society where you judged a person by the content of their character not the color of their skin. The voters did the exact opposite with Obama. Obama spent a million dollars hiding his birth certificate and then finally produced three versions, one which was a certificate of live birth that a parent emmigrating here gets for thier child who was born overseas and the other two were cleverly  faked ,but nevertheless accepted by his supporters. Mitt Romney at least produced his long form birth certificate right away  to avoid any similiar controversy 🙂

Click on the link below to see Obama in his HS years with his stoner buddies, pics of places and the van they smoked pot in and read all about his pot smoking drug  filled days. 😉

1 BOOK: Obama thanked his drug dealer, not his mom, on high-school yearbook page… *

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Blame Bush???No,.Blame Obama!!!!!

Obama and his minions in the lamestream media love blaming Bush for all Obama’s failures. They say he inherited a bad economy from Bush etc., but lets look at the truth.

When Bush left office unemployment was at 5.6%. When Obama came in he said if we passed his 700 billion dollar stimulus package unemployment wouldn’t go abouve 8%. Both houses passed it and unemployment went up to 10% and is now hovering around 8.2%. He said the shovel ready jobs he promised were not as shovel ready as he thought. Hewlett Packard just announced they will be laying off 32,000 employees so they will all be out of work and I’m sure more companies will follow. If you take in those that are off the employment records or stopped looking, unemployment is close to 15%.

When Bush left office, gasoline prices were at $1.89 a gallon. After Obama came in they went up to $4.00 a gallon and are now hovering around $3.69. a gallon.

Obama chastised Bush and called him unpatriotic for spending 4 trillion dollars in 8 years then he goes and spends 5 trillion in four years. Like the popular bumper sticker says ,”Don’t tell Obama what comes after a trillion” 😀 Both presidents are borrowing from China to pay off the debt and there is an eminent domaine clause in that borrowing agreement that says if we can’t pay back China, they can take over one of our cities. Think about that for a moment. They already have their hands in too much of our society already.

When Obama came in office he promised to cut the deficet in half. Instead we have a bigger deficet than all the presidents from Washington to Bush put together. He said there would be no lobbyists and he loaded his administration with 900 lobbyists and scores of regulations.

So ask yourself this dear reader: Are you better off now than you were 5 trillion dollars ago?

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President Diva

I recently came across this most interesting article by Ben Shapiro I am posting below. He’s a smart young kid who works for Breitbart .com. Also check out the most interesting responses. 😉


According to President Obama, he’s a historic figure. That’s no figure of speech. This week, journalist Seth Mandel discovered that President Obama had authorized his staff to add his name to the biographies of former presidents from Calvin Coolidge to George W. Bush on the White House website.

For example, Calvin Coolidge, it now states at, created the Federal Radio Commission; President Obama “became the first president to hold virtual gatherings and town halls using Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.” Franklin D. Roosevelt created Social Security; President Obama says FDR’s biography “continues to protect seniors and ensure Social Security will be there for future generations.” Lincoln ended the Civil War; Obama once thought about growing a beard. All other presidents, apparently, were just placeholders until The Big Fella arrived.

This massive sense of ego has led Obama to the inevitable conclusion that his is the only opinion that matters. If he is the culmination of Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower, then he is also the culmination of all moral thought for the last several thousand years. He can singlehandedly declare same-sex marriage moral — and what’s more, he can fundraise off of it like nobody’s business. If religious institutions had thought to back same-sex relationships millennia ago, just think how full their coffers would be now.

The swooning media has feted Obama for his bravery. Newsweek placed a rainbow halo around his head and christened him “The First Gay President,” which should surely come as a shock to Michelle. Members of “The View” oohed and aahed at him, with Joy Behar leering so sycophantically that it was a wonder she didn’t lose a layer of her pancake makeup on his posterior. Obama, we’ve been told, has evolved; those who haven’t evolved alongside him are now a stage of evolution behind. Thus, the awkward spectacle of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews lecturing a black pastor that he hoped would “evolve” — a statement that would certainly get any non-liberal kicked off the air forthwith and with good reason.

And, of course, nobody was prouder of Obama than Obama himself. His campaign website now features baby clothing emblazoned with the slogan “My Two Dads Support Barack Obama.” His campaign team has sent out emails asking for cash that make it sound as if Obama just achieved world peace. Never mind that children need a mother and a father — Obama spoke, and the world was changed.

Obama’s ego has disconnected him from everyday Americans. He seems bewildered as to why less and less Americans are interested when he slow jams the news on Jimmy Fallon; he seems confused when Americans laugh at his campaign trotting out a “composite woman” to tout his record. He’s getting desperate; and he’s getting angry.

Worse, he’s getting more and more insulated. He has already fundraised with George Clooney and Ricky Martin; in June, he’ll fundraise at the house of Ryan Murphy, despicable creator of indoctrination entertainment show “Glee.” He’s charging $15,000 for photos with him, even as he complains about the disconnect between the 1 percent and the 99 percent. He’s somehow finding a way to turn Mitt Romney into a populist.

Obama’s arrogance would be amusing were it not so insanely dangerous. When it comes to the world stage, it is Obama’s perverse self-assurance that he can right all wrongs merely by talking at them that has doomed much of the Middle East to generations of darkness. When it comes to domestic policy, it is Obama’s egotistic belief that he knows best and that Americans are simply ignorant, which has led him to embrace radical causes ranging from nationalization of health care to drilling moratoria.

The American people are an open-minded and tolerant people. But we don’t take kindly to being ordered about by a man with a monarchic mind. If Obama doesn’t check his ego at the door, he’s going to find the door hitting him on the way out.

Ben Shapiro, 28, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, and Editor-At-Large for the Breitbart websites. He is the four-time bestselling author of “Primetime Propaganda.”

Comment by inluminatuo
May 16, 2012 @ 7:42 am

Our Democrat Messiah President can not only walk on water, but must believe when he dies he, like Michael Jackson, will be able to moon walk on the lake of fire. It will be the only kind of moon walking Americans will ever do again until this President gets defeated and American Exceptionalism again reigns supreme over American entitlement and imaginary unearned self worth. for which our President is the new Poster Child of entitlement to that illusionary success that is always promised but never happens in the real world of Democrat Party leadership.

Perhaps if Obama had just one dad that supported him, we would not be stuck with two dads that support Obama and a government that constantly wants to support us with other people’s redistributed honest money.. The sins of the father are indeed visited upon the children to the 3rd and 4th generation, who grow up to visit them upon US the people when they become Democrat leaders.

If “It’s not over till the Fat Lady Sings” This Presidential Diva’s never ending campaign song should have ended it for him years ago. Let leadership finally replace showmanship in November, and let productive men who work for their supper become our leaders instead of entitlement Diva’s who can only sing for their supper.

There is no honor in the White House. Just an egomaniac. He’s not even half the president that Jimmy was. He is the worst choice ever made by free people in history.


Hail, Obama. The King has arrived.

“All you peasants bow to me now or there will huge consequences after I am elected” must be going through BO’s mind every day which is why he sometimes “forget” that the country is in a recession.

I must make sure that I have gallons of Frankincense and Myrrh ready to annoit his feet.

What an arrogrant in competent egomaniac

Comment by TomPF
May 16, 2012 @ 10:23 am

In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined a more pompous, rude, and arrogant guy could occupy the Oval Office. This guy tops every megalomaniac I’ve ever seen in my half century on Earth!

Comment by JDZ
May 16, 2012 @ 10:29 am

When a person who has been chosen and groomed for years to move into politics by the socialist/communist activist groups that have been plotting for years to undermine our capitalistic country, there is a certain mindset that can develop. It is like a child who’s parents continually tell them how smart and talented they are and that they have exceptional skills that exceed everyone else, and therefore, the child actually believes they are better then others and expect to have things their way.

Obama has been brainwashed to believe that he is smarter then his contemporaries and therefore it is his responsibility to make the changes necessary to “fix” this country acting in the best interests of the country at large. He actually believes he is the “chosen one” that has been empowered by being elected President, to “transform” our country into the socialist state he has been brainwashed to believe is where the future of the country is destined to be.

It is obvious that he is misguided and is attempting to force this country down a path totally contrary to our heritage and a path which is inconsistent with the economic model that has made our country the wealthiest, the most powerful, and the envy of the world.

He is so wrapped up into his egotistical self centered image and role of himself in our country and the world at large that it is impossible for him to even consider that his policies are not working. He will not accept real data that confirms his economic and fiscal policies are not working. He cannot believe that most Americans are against his healthcare legislation. He cannot believe that most Americans are not buying into his incoherent national energy policies or his obsession with draconian cuts to our military. He cannot believe that we expect our government to actually live within the revenue being collected nd to stop this uncontrolled borrowing and spending, etc.

Someone with a built in narcisstic mindset like he has never believes he has made a mistake, and therefore, tends to be unable to accept criticism and learn from mistakes. He has demonstrated his inability to compromise and work with others which is a major character flaw.

He actually believes he is above the law and therefore can do whatever he thinks is right regardless of the contradictions created against existing laws by his actions, thus the numerous policies and regulations being implemented through executive order and backdoor moves bypassing Congress.

President Obama is a loose cannon and an extremely dangerous person to be our President and leader of the free world. He MUST be replaced in November

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“Oh, Barnabus! Wherefore art thou, Johnny Depp? Chaos, confusion and irritation best describe this forced gothic nightmare, based on the vampire soap opera from 1966. One minute you are terrified. The next, you are laughing and then again, terrified. Finally with a crashing thud, as you watch thundering waves dash onto the cliffs, you realize you are bored. You feel emotionally manipulated, because you have been by the juxtaposition of comedy and drama yanking your chain.”

So begins a review of the movie Dark Shadows which I saw last night.While I am not as cruel as this reviewer I did find it rather long and drawn out. It is a two hour movie and I found the first hour was very slow moving and talky with a few lively parts thrown in here and there to keep it moving along. The second hour picks up and has a lot more characterization and action.

The film is b ased on the old TV series from the 60’s and stars Johnny Depp as Barnabus Collins who was everyone’s favorite vampire at the time .I was never a fan of the TV show, but remember all the hoopla and publicity surrounding it at the time. My roomate in college at the time told me how his brother had a whole Dark Shadows room at home.

The story concerns Barnabus Collins who comes from a wealthy family in the 1700’s and is turned into a vampire by a sexy witch named Angelique who lusts for him but can’t have him because of his love for another.She curses him by turning him into a vampire and puts him in a coffin and buried where he is awakened 200 years later in 1972 by a construction crew who digs up his coffin.

He is taken in by the family who now owns his mansion, the head played by Michele Pfeiffer. Like I said,the second hour picks up especially with Angelique returning as a super hot,sexy witch after Barnabus again and the two get intoa knock down,drag out, wall bashing, flame inducing battle. There is even a cameo by rock singer Alice Cooper whose band is hired to play at a ball at the mansion.

This is the eighth collaboration between Johnny Depp and his friend /director Tim Burton. On a recent Jimmy Kimmel Live show,Jimmy Kimmel asked Johnny Depp if he ever watches any of his movies.When Johnny said he didn’t. Jimmy replied,”Well I guess youn ever see any of your friend’s Tim Burton’s movies because your in all of them.” Johnny just laughed. 😀


Dark Shadows

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Suddenly a Balanced Budget?????

This morning I saw a headline on The left leaning Huffington Post saying  “Obama sees first budget surplus of his presidency.” I thought how could this be when his administration hasn’t passed a budget in three years and we are trilions in debt?. It was also highly suspicious that this should come out in an election year when he is either down in some polls or neck and neck with Romney. I then glanced at the comments that usually follow these articles expecting the usual leftist  responses and was surprised that many  thought the same thing as I. Here are some samples:


Just like it didn’t matter when it happened under Bush it doesn’t matter now. Our yearly deficit is staggering, one month of a pitiful surplus means squat.

this is such boloney….its amazing how obama came up with this surplus during an election year…..I m too smart to fall for this….also the democrats are starting to bring up the capture of bin ladin…..i wonder why during the election year…..wake up people….the guy is a fake and remember one thing he gave the order along with his advisors but the navy seals did it…..please vote him out in november

 Raise the debt limit more than a TRILLION dollars, all of the sudden we have a balanced budget.

And it still has not happened. You can’t have a surplus on a budget that does not exist since he has been in office. I guess he created one after the numbers came out. I would love to be able to manage my budget as creatively as he does.
 what about the trillions of debt? did that get wiped out overnight?

A budget surplus? Imagine that…wonder how thats possible when the Democrats haven’t drafted a budget since he took office

 Of course!! Time is running out, November is fast approaching, he will use every ploy possible to trick the nation again. He will appeal to the young folks with all kinds of free stuff to get there vote again. When they installed the Telprompter for him that was enough for me, not getting my vote .
Yes the fake,,phony,fraud is pulling all the stops out now after 98 rounds of golf, numerous expensive, lavish vacations and parties at the whitehouse. It’s an election year and he’s desparate. After the capture of Bin laden Obama told everyone not to “spike the football” and now that’ sall he’s been doing just like after the Gabby Giffords situation when he called for civility and  we got everything but civility and he  never stepped in to quell the  outbursts.  He’s taking credit for getting Bin Laden when it took 14 hours of convincing him by Leon Penetta and only then did he reluctantlyt give the order. It was the Seals who risked their lives and did the deed and now he’s taking all the credit. I hope America is not fooled twice or  it indeed will be all over for America when this America hating socialist wins a second term.
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The Avengers

The  Avengers


For those of  you who may not be familiar wit the Avengers, they are a group of super  heroes  who’ve been around in comic book form since the 60’s. They consist of Captain America, Iron Man played by Robert Downey  Jr, Thor theThunder God,The Incredible Hulk/David Banner,Hawkeye who is a master with the bow and arrow and a woman named  the Black Widow played byScarlet Johanssen who was a former assasin with a murky past who is recruited to be one of the good guys. They are led by a commander in charge by the name  of Nick Fury played by Samuel Jackson.

The heroes are up against Thor’s evil brother Loki who has a cosmic crystal of ultimate power that can bring down  an army of monsters to rule the world. The characters are all assembled together to fight off  Loki and his minions and destroy half of New YorkCity in the process.

Each of the characters has had separate movies and here they are all together as a team. At first I thought having them all together would water down their  characters, but each one has equal time to establish their character and powers. There is even an interesting scene where  they each criticize the other as their egos get in the way or is it really Loki manipulating them against each other with the crystal to get them out of the way?

The movie is not without its’ humorus lines either. When Loki confronts Tony Stark/Iron man in his tower loft high above New York City  he says,”I have an army” to which Stark replies ‘We have a  Hulk.” or when mild manered scientist David Banner (played by Mark Ruffalo) who becomes the Hulk when angered is informed by Tony Stark/Iron Man that they are going to New York he replies casually,”The last time I was in NewYork I broke Harlem.”

So far The Avengers has had the biggest box office opening in history and is worth every cent of it. The only criritcism I had were some of the talking parts were a little long,but  I guess you need to do that to establish the characters and their emotions and why they are the way they are. If you don’t see anbother movie and comic book action with great characters and super special effects is your thing, then don’t miss The Avengers.


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No Pete,I Won’t Get Over It

In last Sunday’s Daily  News,leftist columist Pete Hamil said ‘Obama  was born in Hawaii and not a muslim. Get over it.” No Pete,YOU get over it. I surely won’t and I’m not just talking about his background either as you’ll see here.

As I’ve explained before, If Obama was truly born here why did he spend a million dollars trying to hide the fact when all he had to do is spend $20 to show a viable birth certificate. Why did he have to show three versions of a birth certificate. The first one that he showed  even fooled George Stephanopolus on his Sunday show was a certicate of live birth. That is a certificate a mother purchases who has a child born in a foreign country and moves here with them  to show he/she is hers. The second and third ones were proven forgeries. His grandmother and step sister both admitted witnessing his birth in Kenya since his mother was too pregnnat with him to fly here. He himself has admitted being from Kenya and he and Michelle call Kenya his home country.

Secondly in the muslim religion,the offspring take on the religion of the father. Both of Obama’s fathers were muslim and he was brought up in muslim schools in Kenya. If he were a Chrsitian as he professes he wouldn’t  say he would side with the muslims like he did in his book. He wouldn’t go to muslim countries and bash  the he did. If he were a Chrstian he would not have cancelled the world day of prayer in favor  of a muslim day of prayer like he did that time and if he were a Chrsitian he wouldn’t divide the country like he is doing and he would return the million dollars he got from Bill Mahr after Mahr called Sarah Palin the ‘c’ word and “t’ word and bashed Rick Santorum’s kids. No Pete I won’t get over it. It seems Hope and Change has given way to Divide and Conquer.

We have to get our country back from this socialist take over by Obama and his left wing hacks in the whitehouse. He has done so much damage as he hates this country’s standing  as a leader in the free world and wants us to be just like any other third world country which he is accustumed to. Perhaps if he was born and raised here under proper American values he would have a little more appreciation of  us and the position he now holds. As song writer and poet Bob Dylan once said, “While some poor soul with his tongue on fire, tries not to come up any higher, but rather pull you down in the hole that he’s in.”  So it is with Obama.

Since he’s been in office he has accrued  5 trillion new Obama debt in three years after calling Bush unpatriotic for spending 4 trillionin 8 years. Under his regime,unemployment has remained at 8% and higher,the longest sustained length of unemployment in history after  inheriting 5.6% from Bush. Obama said if  they’d pass his 700 billion dollar stimulus package unemployment wouldn’t go above 8%. They did and it did. He continues to bash oil companies as oil prices continue to rise to 4 and 5 dollars a gallon after inheriting $1.89 price from Bush. He has shown contempt for our military and continues to divide rich against poor, old against young, white against black men against women. He has come up with a healthcare plan that is more than heatlthcare plan,but a way of life with the government in control of our lives. He has the biggest debt and defecit of all the presidents put together. Under his regime 12 million more people are on food stamps and in poverty. If anyone loves their country they will see that this poser does not get a second term. So, no Pete I will not “get over it.”

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim – YouTube

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