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Random Thoughts:Wiki Leaks and Environmentalists, A Bad Comedian and Elton John and George Bush Unite.

Remember the Wiki Leaks? That hacker group from Norway who hacked into the Pentagon and released classified information to the public? The media hailed them as heroes and film maker Michael Moron said they should be given the nobel prize. Well after several more hacks the media was giving them plenty of attention until they hacked into a liberal environmental network and uncovered hundreds of scientists sending e-mails to each other stating how much money they could make convincing the public on global warming. Then the silence from the rmedia was deafening. Just a thought……..A reporter for the movie website RottenTomatoes gave the Batman movie a terrible review (I disagree by the way as noticed in my previous blog) and he received so many death threats that the site shut down their messge board. Meanwhile the one who should get death threats is this so called comedian David Cook in L.A. who said “This movie is such a bunch of crap that they said the shooter walked in 20 minutes after the movie started and started shooting. The movie is such a bunch of crap that even if their was no shooter someone should have stood up after twenty minutes and said ‘just shoot me’ .” That is the epitome in bad taste to me and not funny yet this audience applauded him albeit nervously. I wonder what would happen if he said that in front of the victim’s families. I wonder if he received any death threats or if someone confronted him afterwrds. I saw plenty of attacks on the message boards under the article………….I was reading an article about the flags on the moon left by the astronauts are still standing which was a fascinating read with pictures. That should prove to the skeptics that say the moon landings were faked. I think they saw that movie too many times. 😀  Anyway a debate ensued on the message boards about what democratic president presided over what moon landing and I noticed this interesting respoonse from a commenter. 😀 Not a Democrat by today’s standards. But of course, the Democratic Party, which gave us the founding of the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow laws, poll taxes, literacy taxes, blacks riding in the backs of buses, segregated water fountains and restrooms, not to mention having to have the military called upon them to force them to allow black children into white schools, multiple votes against civil rights legislation up until the 1960s, where they were shamed by Republicans into finally giving in to the fact that black folks deserve the same access to services as white folks. The same Democratic Party which had SITTING MEMBERS of the KU KLUX KLAN all up til the end of the end of the 20th century (Robert Byrd, Al Gore’s dad, and dozens others). Let’s not forget FDR (the Democrat Party superhero) and his racist internment of Japanese Americans during WWII. You mean THAT Democratic Party? Oh yeah, that one. The same Democratic Party (thank you President Obungo) who just KILLED NASA. The Chinese will be to the moon and back a dozen times before we even think of re-entering outer space……………Dick Cheney recently told in a Newsmax interview that John McCaine picking Sarah Palin as a V.P.was a mistake,”I like Governor Palin. I’ve met her. I know her. She [was an] attractive candidate,” he said. “But based on her background, she’d only been governor for, what, two years. I don’t think she passed that test . . . of being ready to take over. And I think that was a mistake.” Just like Obama,being a community activist and senator for only 148 days where he just voted  “present” was  a big mistake also. Never forget what the letters O.B.A.M.A. stand for One Big Ass Mistake America………..I see where Elton John has warmed up to former  president George Bush for his great contributions  to finding a cure for AIDS, Bush gave 500 million to Africa for fighting AIDS  and 500 million here and established an AIDS research foundation yet the media still villified him. “I found him charming, I found him well informed and I found him determined to do something about the AIDS situation so I changed my opinion about him.So it was–I learned a lesson,” John made his remaks in a speech in London saying George Bush has done more to fight AIDS than any other president. Now if only some of John’s fellow libs and media personnel will take note and change their opinions too. I remember when Elton performed at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding and his fellow lib  supporters accused him of selling out he replied,” I don’t put up walls, I build bridges.” Keep up the good fight Elton.

Read more on Cheney: Sarah Palin Was Bad Choice for VP

In LA, comedian jokes about movie theater shooting…

Check out Ray Stevens’ satire on Global Warming featuring the Gullible Brothers. :D

 Ray Stevens – The Global Warming Song – YouTube

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Batman,The Dark Night Rises. My opinion


I’ve just returned from seeing the now controversial and attention-getting Batman The Dark Knight Rises and I must say I did enjoy it immensely and I can see why people don’t believe the media much anymore. This whole hype and scare tactics by the media in exploiting this Colorado shooting is creating such fear in the minds of people and causes these idiots to come out of the woodwork for their own 15 minutes of  fame. There were no extra security personnel where I went and we were in an indoor multiplex in a large mall in Paramus ,N.J. and I felt perfectly safe like I always do when going there.

The film begins slowly with a murky plot and too many new characters, but builds to a sensational climax. The story picks up with Batman/BruceWayne who has been out of commission for eight years after he was accused of murdering Harvey Dent a prominent businessman in the city in the last Batman film. An evil forceful character in a metal breathing mask by the name of Bane  lives in the underground sewers of New York and is against the corporations and wants to destroy them and take over the city so the people can do what they want. Although the Bane character was created in 1994, he has been compared to the OWS crowd of today and I can see why. He hates the corporations like they do, he says the people should run the city like they do and he lives  with his army of sympathizers  in the murky sewers of New York much like the OWS camps in their filth and pestilence.

There is a lot of violence in the film, but not gory or bloody ,just a lot of explosions, rocket firing, gun shooting and knock down drag out fights between Batman and Bane and Catwoman and thugs.

One review I read said there was no suspense. WRONG!!! It was plenty suspenseful. It said there  was no characterization. WRONG  again!! There was plenty of characterization and interaction and new characters.The same review said  it wasn’t intense. It was extremely  intense. Another review said it was too dark. Hello?? It’s called The Dark Night Rises. It’s also  adult in nature and storyline as well as characters. It is  amazing how they make these films  and the production that goes into it as Bane destroys half of New York City by blowing up the George Washington Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge and various tunnels and a football stadium. It is definitely not a picture for children under 12 years of age if that even.

I thought Christian Bale as Batman looked awfully thin and it was a good thing he had the Batman suit to beef him up. Bale has said this is the last time he’s doing Batman. Ann Hathaway was very alluring and sexy as Catwoman in her skin-tight  catsuit and hour glass figure with sharp spike heels. ‘It must be hard running in those heels,”one criminal says to her as he and his henchmen have her surrounded. “Let’s give them a try” she says as she stomps hard on his toes with them and kicks all of the crooks  around and breaks arms and flips them over. This is not the Catwoman most of us have come to know as she too is a dark figure in her own right. She’s neither all good or all bad, but more out for herself. She’s a good match for Batman.

Tom Hardy plays the evil, villainous Bane to the max and Gary Oldman returns as Commissioner Gordon in a stellar performance along with Morgan Freeman as the creator of Batman’s machines and Bat costume and Michael Caine as Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s confidant and butler.

The movie is also not as political as the media has been making it out to be with comparing Bane to Romney’s Bain Capital and I don’t see how it influenced the demented James Holmes from doing what he did as he planned  his sick deed months in advance before the film came out.

Overall I Iiked  the film and if you get over your fears  instilled by the fear mongering media, I’d suggest  seeing it. I am enclosing a link to a trailer for it here.

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Liberal Media Saul Alinsky Lunatics

The lunatics are in my hall

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor

and every day  the paper boy brings more.

–Pink Floyd-Dark Side of the Moon

Recently  the lunatic reporters at Huffungton Post  whose heads are so far up Obama’s ass they can’t see daylight, called Rush Limbaugh a lunatic for saying the Bane character in the new Batman movie was created to attack Romney.They then photoshopped a pic of Rush with the Bane character’s mask over him and did the same with Romney. This from the  same liberals who call for tolerance and no name calling and are against bullying and  mean spiritedness except when you disagree with them then all hell  breaks loose and everything is fair game to them.

Although I usually agree with Rush 95% of the time I have to disagree with him here.The Bane character was created in 1995 by two authors Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan who are confessed conservatives.They are mad that Rush is insinuating that they are liberals and I don’t blame them there if that is true.. Also,Rush shouldn’t comment on a movie he hasn’t seen or know what its’ about.

That being said I have to correct these lunatic reporters at Huffington Post. The Bane comparisons were started by people in the Obama administration attacking Romney’s role in his company Baine Capital (spelled differently) and Rush picked up on it and reacted to it unbeknownst the Bane character was years old. They immediately used that to attack him just like they rushed to judgement about James Holms being a member of theTea party.

The left is great for tactics like this. About ten years ago there was a kid’s TV show called Teletubbies. One of the characters was called Tinky Winky and carried a bag that looked like a purse around with him. Gay liberal writer Michael Musto who wrote for the leftist NY rag The Village Voice said Tinky Winky was gay. Evangelist Pat Robertson picked up on that and broadcast it on his TV show and all hell broke out  towards him from other gays calling him homophobic and other slurs when it was one of their own who started it and he was just reacting to it and opining  on his own. They are doing the same with Rush. These are typical Saul Alinsky tactics who Obama was a desciple of,  “Find a target, isolate it, attack it and destroy it.”

So my fellow readers if liberal lunatics  get to you just remember this from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon: Everything under the sun is in tune, but the sun is eclipsed by the moon and if the band you’re in starts playing differnt tunes I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon.” 😉

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The Colorado Massacre: Who Really is Responsible?

While the Colorado massacre is tragic and incomprehensible beyond belief, it leaves much to be learned and investigated. While James Holmes is ultimatley responsible for what he did there is questions that need answers. His parents obviously knew he had  problems judging by his mother’s comments when the police called her when she said, “you have the right one,”but that didn’t stop the media from rushing to judgement and blame conservatives and talk radio like they did with the Gabby Giffords case.

This time it was  ABC rushing to judgement  when they thought they had an exclusive when they discovered a person with the same name as James Holmes also from Aurora who was a TEA party member of course. It ended up they were mistaken as this James Holmes was 55 years old so they were forced to isssue an apology, but that didn’t stop the hits coming to this Holms’ facebook page and I’m sure he had to change his  phone number. Several message boards and tweet pages were saying police found literature about Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity in his apt. Meanwhile police hadn’t even gone into his apt. yet since it was carefully rigged with explosives everywhere that could possibly blow up the apt.building and buildings nearby.

My personal feeling  is that this guy who was supposedly so intelligent and the top of the top studying neuroscience and suddenly dropping out and couldn’t get a job is very bi-polar schizophrenic. Again his parents reaction shows they knew he had problems, but I think this goes deeper than the media is saying. I say it was the left who started this whole crap.They were the ones who first compared the Bane villain in the movie to Romney and his Baine company and being rich exploiting the middle class. I understand the  Bane character gives speeches very similiar to Obama with class distinction and warfare. Rush Limbaugh responded to them saying the reason the critics panned it was because  Bane’s statements sounded a lot like Obama with his class warfare so naturally the left points the finger at Rush like they did with Gabby Giffords. The creator of the Bane character said he was like an OWS person. A caller to Sean Hannity’s show also confirmed that theory.

I posted  the following post on GOPUSA and had a most interesting response that the media probably won’t  look into: Comment by jaycee1234
July 20, 2012 @ 4:55 pm

I was going to see this movie Sunday. I’ve heard that the speeches that the villain Bane gives in this movie sounds like the Obama campaign speeches. It’s all class warfare against the rich so he’s taken from them to give to himself. He’s like an OWS person. I also agree with a few other comments. Who takes a six year old and a three month old baby to the theater at midnight? They should be home in bed at that hour. Don’t tell me they coudn’t get a sitter. If that’s the case stay home then.

Also since the left loves blaming Bush for 9/11 saying it’s an inside job then we should say maybe Holder gave this guy the guns from fast and furious to make Obama look good while his ratings are falling.Hmmmm. co-incidence? Just asking.

Then I got this most interesting response to my comment:

The movie theater killer is actually a member of Black Bloc, a small and violent Anarchist faction of The Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS). The Batman movie portrays OWS types in a negative way, and the villain himself (named Bane, ironically enough) is actually an OWS type, too. The theater killer came dressed in typical Black Bloc attire but with one addition – as the Joker, the enemy of Batman (who obviously in the film is the nemesis of the OWS-type villain). Will you hear all about this from the mainstream media, the media that first claimed the murderer might be a Tea Party member!? Doubtful. They’ll tell you this was senseless and they have no idea why he did it.
You can read more about this far leftist movement here:
And more about him here:
And how the media reported it with a list of the victims:
How a writer at the left-wing site Daily Kos views Black Bloc:
A few of the many videos of Black Bloc:

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Kenny Vance and the Planotones

  It was a hot, humid,  sweltering 100 degrees in Bloomfield, N.J. on Tuesday July 17th when I saw Kenny Vance and the Planotones in Bloomfield H.S. and I’m glad it was indoors and in air conditioning. Kenny Vance is one of the coolest and entertaining  people I’ve seen in a long time as he takes the audience down memory lane  consisting of oldies and doo-wop favorites.

      Kenny Vance is an American singer, songwriter, and music producer who was an original member of Jay and the Americans. His career spans from the 50s to today, with projects ranging from starting doo wop groups to music supervising to creating solo albums.

In 1992, Vance started a doo wop group, the re-formed (no longer fictional) Planotones from American Hot Wax. They released two albums “Teenage Jazz” and “Looking for an Echo”, and then created the whole soundtrack for the 1999 film Looking For an Echo, for which Vance was also the musical director and the singing voice of Armand Assante. Since then the group has released five more albums, “Lover’s Island”, Countdown to Love”, “Dancing and Romancing”, “Oceans of Time”, and their holiday album, “Mr. Santa”. They continue to perform to audiences nationwide and on PBS.

InTuesday’s concert Kenny made light of the heat saying he was dressed in his hat and jacket (all the Planotones dress in blacksuits, fedoras and sunglasses while Kenny distinguishes himnself with his trademark white fedora) and had a fur jacket  outside backstage so they should turn the air conditioning off to make it real. He then asked the audience how many want the air conditioning turned off and a resounding “NOOOOOOOOOOO” rang through the audiece.

Kenny took us through such memorable hits as “Angel Eyes” “,In theStil lof the Night” “Tears on my Pillow” and other favorites  getting the audience to sing one verse and he the other alternating verses .He did this with several songs and the audience loved it.

It was hard to say which part I liked best as there were so many highlites, but I particularly liked it whern Kenny would tell stories while the band played softly in the background. For instance, at one point  he started singing  ‘In the Still of the Night” and stopped while the band kept playing while he told about attending his first make-out party when he was 15.

His band consists of just a keyboard, guitar and drums and the harmonies of the other two Planotones, but they create so much music. Their guitarist was mesmerizing and fantastic as he played Santo  and Johnny’s “Sleepwalk” and then segueing into “Earth Angel.”

Kenny’s voice ranges several octaves from telling stories in a somewhat smooth bass sound to hitting high notes in a crisp, clear falsetto and boy can he hold those notes. Kenny wrote the song ‘Cara Mia” for Jay and the Americans and he brough the house down when he started singing ‘She Cried” from Jay and the Americans then  “Come  a Little Bit Closer'” introducing the dates between each song while the band still played to finally doing “Cara Mia” to which the audience gave him a standing ‘O” cheering enthusiastically. I have included a video of him doing “Cara Mia” below. Kenny closed the show with their hit song “Looking for an Echo” which describes  them singing in bathrooms in H.S. to get that echo sound in their songs which was popular in the 50’s age of doo-wop.

Kenny Vance and the Planotones have quite a following and I can see why. Half of the audience there  had just seen them a few days earlier when they performed outside in the nearby park.

Kenny Vance and the Planotones consists of : Kenny Vance, Johnny Gale, Jimmy Bense, Kurt ‘Frenchy” Yahijan on guitar, keyboardist Chip Degaard and Tony Gallino on drums.

I have listed a link to a you tube of Kenny Vance featuring” Looking for an Echo.” There are also other You tubes of Kenny and other doo-wop artists I’m sure any fan of doo-wop will remember and enjoy. 🙂 I also have included their website for future dates and merchandise. If they come anywhere near you I definately suggest checking them out. 😉

Looking For An Echo – Kenny Vance – YouTube

Kenny Vance doing the all time favorite hit  Cara Mia  he wrote and made famous with Jay and the Americans,Check it out 🙂

“CARA MIA” Kenny Vance & The Planotones – YouTube

Kenny Vance and the Planotones-Check out their website for cds and  dates.

Kenny doing in theStill of the Night

Kenny Vance-In the Still of the Night – YouTube

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Delusional Libs at MSNBC

Talk show host Mark Levin always refers to cable news  station MSNBC as MSLSD and rightly so. The hosts of this station must be on LSD with their recent comments they have been making. Ed (Fred Flintstone) Schultz referred to talk show host Laura Ingraham as a “talk slut” and now Lawrece O’Donnel says Romney getting booed at the NAACP rally was done on purpose to appeal to white racists. WHAAATTTT????? Yeah like Romeny really went to black members of the audience and told them to boo him so he would appeal to white racists. What’s even more appaling is that Nancy (We have to pass Obaamcare so we know what’ s in it) Pelosi agrees and said it was a calculated move. These people must be on drugs or are so delusional and desparate and afraid of losing their fake,phony fraud of a messiah in Obama they will say anything.

The part  that Romney got booed at was when he said he would repeal certain parts of Obamacare. Most people don’t realize the contents  or ramifications of Obamacare. They think it will be just free healthcare for all. Actually there are 16,000 pages to this document .What do they think is in there? There are over 130 new laws in it.  If you are 65 or over and need a heart by-pass for instance, your doctor will have to consult via computer to a goverment bureaucrat and you will probably be told that  procedure has to be saved for a younger person. They don’t realize that it will cost two trillion dollars more than Obama projected and that many businesses said they will have to shut down if enacted. They don’t realize the rationing and long waits that will occur. It’s more than just healthcare,it’s the government controlling your life. Another provision in there is that we will have to list proof that we have health insurance on our tax forms or else get a visit by one of the 1600 new IRS agents they have just hired. In a recent survey 83% of doctors surveyed said they wll drop out if Obamacare is passed.

Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist, told CNN that the crowd was ‘right to boo’ because ‘Obamacare’ was ‘derogatory terminology used by an intolerant group of Americans’.

Back in March, however, the Obama campaign fully embraced the term Obamacare, formerly mainly the preserve of conservative critics of Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

David Axelrod, Obama’s chief strategist, sent out an email saying: ‘I like Obamacare. I’m proud of it — and you should be, too. Here’s why: Because it works. So if you’re with me, say it: “I like Obamacare.”‘

Just check out some of these comments 😉

Why do race relations see m to only be getting worse under Barry Obama?

Wow, the Dim-ocrats are really grasping at straws now.

MSNBC is an Obama propaganda machine. If Romney had not gone, that would have appealed to Racists. He would be lambasted by the O machine either way. Truth is, NAACP speech by Biden will appeal to black racists, but you won’t see the O machine commenting on that and for that matter, Fox, the supposed “right wing” press will not make a comment in that regard either.

O”Donnell and Pelosi have to believe that these black leaders are so dumb that they can be manipulated by Romney to do what he wants. They should know. The liberals have been manipulating the black population for decades, including the destruction of black families with welfare, rotten schools and racial grievance. All of this to keep the blacks a reliable voting block.

Check out this live performance by Ray Stevens singing and telling the truth about Obamacare .Note there must be a few annoyed libs in the audience in the end there. Too bad. It’s their problem now. 😀
Ray Stevens Music – YouTube

MSNBC host: Romney ‘deliberately got booed by NAACP to appeal to white racists’…

Pelosi: ‘Calculated move’


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3 Ways The Liberal Media Strikes Again for Obama

1) How Conservatives Are Making Life Harder for U.S. Businesses When I saw this headline today I rolled my eyes and said here we go again with all the libtards in the media, especaily the expected  liberal, slanted articles from Huffington Post blaming  corporations for all their woes just like Obama who hates the corporations along with everything else about America .I scrolled down expecting to see the usual lib responses and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.Check these out. 😉

More Huffington Post lies, distortion, and bull—-. They have their heads up Obama’s -ss.


Yeah, what business wants is more legislation. Are you kidding? The left is out of control with its lies and spin.
Here we go again, another article blaming conservatives for the WH’s lack of everything. First it’s Bush and continues with congress.

What a one sided piece of C#@!. The author is telling half truths and leaving out the details in order to push a leftist agenda. I challenge readers to do some homework, and learn to the full story. Then make up your own mind!

2)  In Utah they had a patriotic day parade that featured a satire on Obama with a person with an Obama mask and a car using the term “Obamanation” has made some angry, and others upset at the negative attention.It happened in the city’s annual Fourth of July parade.The float showed a person dressed as President Obama with one sign that read “Huntsville Welcomes Obama’s Farewell Tour?” On the back, another sign said, “Ask about our assault gun plan. Call Eric Holder.” Some people were so offended that they called the S.S. into check it out. Again the libs  react angrily to anything that doesn’t go their way. They sure know how to attack republicans so viciously,but say anthing about a lib dem or their messiah Obama and it’s mob rule like the peasants storming Frankenstein’s castle. Just check out some of these posts reacting to people protesting Obama:
That treasonous lying Marxist piece of (bleep) DESERVES to be mocked. The liberal Thought Police can KMA.I don’t think we would have allowed it, in fact I know we wouldn’t,” said Allen. “We just don’t want that. It’s a family-oriented ­celebration

FAMILY ORIENTED? THAT is the red herring of the week

Families should be oriented towards tossing the Clown in Chief OUT in November.

I noticed the two Border Patrol Agents obama got killed could not attend the parade….

Apparently those opposed to this float agree with Govt sanctioned illegal gun running activities that violate US law and International Treaty? They think its OK to cover up illegal activities including murder?


You know if this was done and it was towards romney or any other politician nobody would have said a word.
Nothing is inappropriate when outling the truth of this monster Obama. He is a virtual demon.
The biggest fraud is being perpetuated on the American people now who still think they elected a leader when all we have is a puppet taking orders after the coup and cover up.

3) The latest finding is that Obama said he was at Columbia University from 1982-83, but  after permisison from Columbia to release his records shows him there from 1980-81.They disnmised it as a computer glitch. So let’s see now. His birth certificates (all three of them) were proven forgeries or computer glitches, his social security number was shown to be fraudulent and dismissed as a computer glitch and now his college records are being dismissed as a computer glitch. How many computer glitches can one person have with such important documents? It is amazing how all of my records – birth, schools, social security, draft registration, etc do not have any errors…yet every record of Obama’s is missing or messed up, suffers from a “computer glitch” or has been sealed. Hmmmmmm.

How Conservatives Are Making Life Harder for U.S. Businesses



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